Best Weather App: Free Choices

Best Weather App: Free ChoicesWhat can be worse than getting caught in the rain without an umbrella? It’s definitely important to constantly stay tuned into all the weather updates in order not to stay comfortable throughout the day. Luckily, you can always stay informed about all the changes in weather thanks to the many weather apps. Such apps give you a forecast 24/7 so you can always be prepared as to what the weather might bring you in the next few hours or upcoming days. Writing this review we tried to select the best weather apps. Take a look at the list of the weather apps reviewed to choose the best one for you.

AccuWeather (Android, iOS)
AccuWeather is a popular weather app for Android and iOS that shows you the weather forecast on your phone. You can choose to show the current weather along with hourly and 15-day forecasts. You can see the day and night temperatures, the chances of precipitation, additional information such as humidity, visibility, sunrise and sunset times, pressure, etc., and a summary of the weather by days. It’s possible to add several geographic positions to access them on the go too.

The Weather Channel (Android, iOS)
The Weather Channel is a nice weather app offering current, hourly, or daily weather forecasts. The app has a very nice interface and shows the attractions of the places where you are checking the weather at. Also, there’s a social integration feature thanks to which users can report the weather manually according to their geolocation. The weather forecast can show hourly, 36-hours, and 10-day predictions and, of course, the current weather at a selected place.

WeatherBug (Android, iOS)
WeatherBug is a weather app for Android and iOS that not only shows you the weather forecast for a certain location, but can also give you access to the photos and live cameras of that place. This app shows the current forecast along with hourly and 7-day forecasts. It also shows information about humidity, pressure, wind speed, and sunrise and sunset times. The app is also capable of sending alerts concerning the weather changes in your geographical position.

Weather Underground (Android, iOS)
Weather Underground is a great weather app that features WunderMap (the app’s radar map) and the Crowd Reports option where you can submit your local weather report. The app offers forecasts in graph and textual form; both ways are extremely vivid and easy to understand. You can select the weather prediction by day or by hour, see the wind direction and speed, and see the possibility of precipitation. Day and night temperatures along with support of several locations is also available.

Yahoo Weather (Android, iOS)
Yahoo Weather is a weather app for Android and iPhone that has a nice-looking interface. For each location there are background photos of the place, which is simply fantastic. There’s a possibility to get the hourly forecast or 5- to 10-day forecasts, or simply to watch the current situation. The app also shows information about humidity and visibility. The radar version of the map to check the forecast is also available.

Weather Live (Android, iOS)
Weather Live Free is another weather app that offers really pretty backgrounds for the weather forecasts. The app shows the maximum and minimum temperatures of the day, the humidity, times of sunrise and sunset, pressure, wind direction and speed, and chances of precipitation. There’s an hourly mode of the weather forecast and the 7-day forecast as well. This weather app for Android and iPhone is definitely eye candy and worthy of giving a try.

1Weather (Android, iOS)
1Weather is a nice-looking weather app with a slick design that lets you track the weather of up to 12 locations. There’s a current forecast along with the detailed (for 1,5 days) and the extended (10 days) ones. This weather app also shows the wind speed, humidity, visibility, pressure, and chances of precipitation. Its nice feature is that it shows 7-hour and 1-week weather forecasts in a graph form, which is a really vivid and nice way to learn about the weather. The radar map is also available.

There’s no doubt weather apps have made the process of checking the weather so much easier, especially those with the social reports of the locals included. All the above-listed apps are worthy of being tried. Pick the one that you find more suitable for your needs. If you’re checking the weather in some places where you want to go on a trip, you might be interested in the best free navigation apps that’ll help you not to get lost in that area.

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