Best VR headsets of 2018

Best VR headsets of 2018In just a few short years, virtual reality (VR) has transformed from a prospective technology to a fully functional nascent market. Major tech companies have embraced VR with devices called head mounted displays (HMDs): headset devices that act as a gateway between computing devices and the user.
Around these devices, software vendors and developers have created hundreds of games and applications that work in the virtual space. For a completely immersive experience, virtual reality is changing the way in which we consume media and interact with content.
There are dozens of HMDs on the market, but only some of them stand out as the best available. We have listed the leading virtual reality headsets for PC, mobile, and consoles. From tech giants like Samsung, Google, HTC, and Sony, to the virtual reality giant Oculus, the HMDs we have chosen are the topVR headsets of 2018.
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