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Icecream Ebook Reader 4.0 release

20 May 2016

Today we release 4.0 version of Icecream Ebook Reader for Windows which has lots of new cool features and improvements including text annotating and scrollbar for easier eBook navigation and much more!
See below the full list of improvements of newly released 4.0 version:
Highlight text and add annotations;
Use navigation scrollbar to turn pages;
Change eBook text alignment;
HiDPI display support added;
Tooltips added for the reading toolbar;
Full screen mode improved;
Swipe left/right with your fingers to turn pages on Windows tablets;
Program window behavior improved;
Use hotkey (F11) to enter Fullscreen mode;
Use hotkey combo (Ctrl+F) to search eBook or Notes;
GUI and bug fixes.
Let us know if you like the new version, we would love to hear your feedback!
Icecream Ebook Reader 4.0 is already available for free on website.
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