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Icecream Screen Recorder 5.0 release

10 November 2017

Today we release 5.0 version of our Screen Recorder for Windows. Our users can fully enjoy new features and lots of major improvements. As always we thank all the users who shared their feedback and helped to improve the program.
Here is a full list of new features and improvements of new 5.0 version:
- 'Capture audio' mode added;
- Export recordings to GIF format;
- Highlight and Blur tools added to Draw panel;
- Audio levels control improved;
- Screenshots post-upload to URL;
- Upload files to Google Drive and Dropbox;
- Change recording resolution in Edit mode;
- Draw mode: press Ctrl+Z to undo;
- Draw mode: press 'Enter' button using Text tool to go down a line;
- Custom timer setting extended to 240 minutes;
- Mute button added to audio toolbar;
- Webcam scaling fix;
- Multiple minor GUI and bug fixes.
Let us know if you like the new version of Icecream Screen Recorder. We'd love to hear your feedback!
Screen Recorder 5.0 is already available for download on website.
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