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Meet Video Candy! 15 online video editing tools

29 December 2021

Our team is happy to announce a brand-new video editor launch. Ladies and Gentlemen, Video Candy! This online service brings together all the tools one might need to edit their video content. Intuitive, user-friendly interface of Video Candy enables you to edit videos on desktop, tablet and smartphone free of charge!
Here's the list of 15 tools we've created in our free online video editor for you:
- Compress video
- Trim video
- Merge videos
- Crop video
- Resize video
- Stop motion
- Add music
- Change speed
- Mute video
- Slideshow maker
- Reverse video
- Rotate video
- Loop video
- Flip video
- Video to GIF
And more tools to come! Use them all for free and let us know what you enjoyed most. Visit
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