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How to Convert AVI to MP4

AVI files have their pros and cons: on one hand, they come in a great quality and give you an amazing viewer experience; on the other hand, they are not compatible with some players and large in size. You can convert AVI to MP4 media format, which is a much more usable and lightweight video format.

Icecream Media Converter easily changes the extension from AVI to MP4 and makes your videos playable on pretty much any portable device or media player.

AVI to MP4 converter

Download and install the program

Download Icecream Media Converter by clicking on "Download" button to save the setup file on your PC. Double click on it to initiate the installation. The rest of the process is intuitive and completed in a few seconds. Open the software program to begin with AVI to MP4 conversion.


Add AVI file

To import an AVI file to the converter, press “Add file” in the main window after which you will be transferred to “Add file” working panel.

Single click on the area at the top of it to start using the file explorer to select the desired video located on your computer. If you don’t remember the exact location, filter the files by video (File type => Video files) to narrow down the area of search. On making your choice, select the file and press “Open”.


Configure output file settings

  • Convert To. To convert videos AVI to MP4, choose the “Video” option.
  • Convert By. If you want to convert AVI to MP4, choose “Format” in the “Convert By” section.
  • Choose format. Choose MP4 from the suggested list of formats that you can see in a drop down list.
  • Choose quality. Although MP4 is a lossy format, choosing “Best” in the “Quality” section will help you keep the quality as high as possible. If your goal is to make it smaller in size and a bit lower in quality, feel free to choose “Average”, “Good”, or “Bad”.

Start AVI to MP4 conversion

If you have several AVI files that you want to convert to MP4, you can queue them to save some time. To do that, press the “Add to Queue” button every time the configurations of each file are set. After that, the files will be shown as a queue. Press “Add file” to import more files. Click on the recycle bin icon to the right of a file to delete it from the queue. Press “Clear queue” to delete all the files from the list. Finally, press “Convert” to initiate the conversion for all the items in the queue.

Starting AVI to MP4 conversion if you only have one file to process is way easier: just press the “Convert button right in the “Add file” panel when you are all set.

The files are converted one after another. You can pause and resume the process by pressing the “Pause/Resume” button, delete files (recycle bin icon corresponding to the item) and clear the queue completely before you start the conversion (button in the bottom left). Once the files are converted, you will be offered to check them in the folder.

AVI to MP4 converter
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