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How to Record a Game on Your Computer

If you are a diehard fan of computer games and want to record your gaming sessions to share them on YouTube or send them to your friends, you would need a solid piece of screen recording software, which is ideally not too advanced to keep the process simple and not too basic to be able to manage the recording effectively. There are special applications for recording video games, but some of them are way too complicated in use. Icecream Screen Recorder records games due to a number of useful options that are not too hard to handle. This article will help you to get a better idea of how to record a game on your computer.

Screen Recorder

Download and install the application

If the program isn’t installed on the computer, download Icecream Screen Recorder and save the .exe file on the hard drive. Then, run the file and follow Wizard’s guidelines to install Icecream Screen Recorder on your computer. Usually, it doesn’t take longer than a minute, and once it’s installed, open the program and start recording a game.


Check out the program's settings

All the settings are presented in the Settings panel that can be accessed by clicking the “Settings” button in the bottom right corner of the program's main window. The settings are organized in accordance with their purpose into 5 tabs: System, Save to, Video, Audio and Hotkeys. You can read the full guide on the settings tweaking here: How to Change Recording Settings.


Get ready to record a game on your computer

When everything is set up, launch the game that should be recorded and click the “Capture video” button in the center of the main window of the screen recorder.

Use the mouse to frame the piece of the screen that you want to record or select a random area and choose the desired size from the presets (full screen, 960p, 720p, 1024x768p, 640x480p, 320x240p, or 160x120p) from the recording panel that will be shown immediately after releasing the frame. The “Area” button has to be pressed on the recording panel while you adjust the size and the location of the recording area.

Click the “Switch” button to activate the desktop while recording – after that, you will be able to open new windows and use your desktop as you usually do. Click this button once again to change control from your PC back to Icecream Screen Recorder.

The drawing panel is shown after clicking the “Draw” button – in here, you can use tools like a brush or oval, rectangle, arrow and step tool to draw directly on the screen. The color and the thickness of these elements could be set.

The “T” button stands for “text” and lets typing some remarks on the screen as well. As in a regular text editor, you can choose font size and color. To type over the selected area, single click on any spot within this area and start typing.

The “Undo” and “Clear all” buttons are located at the right side of the window – use them whenever you need to cancel the changes.

Click the webcamera icon in the right-hand side of the recording panel to record webcamera during the screen recording.


Start recording a game on your computer

Click the “Rec” button on the recording panel of this screen recording software when you are ready to start recording a game on your computer. In case you’ve checked the “Show countdown” in the Settings panel earlier, the countdown would show up prior to the actual recording.

All the controls described in the previous section of the manual are available throughout the entire process until you finish the recording. Feel free to use them whenever you want.

If you want to skip a certain part of the game, press the “Pause” button in the upper left part of panel. Complete the missions that you don’t want to record or add some drawings or text while the recording is paused, and then press the “Resume” button to continue recording from the moment the video was stopped.

Use the “Zoom in” and “Zoom out” buttons to enlarge the recorded area and minimize it. The current zooming level is shown to the right of these button.

Press the audio and mic icons to adjust their volume levels and enable or disable their recording.

When the game is completed and you want to stop the video, click the “Stop” icon in the left part of the control panel. After that, you’ll see a popup notification in the bottom right corner of the screen (unless the “Show notifications” option is disabled). To check the file with the video with the recorded game, you can either click the folder icon in this popup window or close the recording panel and click the folder icon in the “Path” column of the History panel of the screen recorder . It will open the containing folder with the file.

All the recorded with this screen capture software files are displayed in the History panel, and if you don’t need some of them, you can delete certain videos from the list by clicking the recycle bin button to the right of the videos. The “CLEAR HISTORY” button removes all the previously recorded videos from the list.

Screen Recorder
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