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Interface. History window

Information about previously created slideshows is displayed in the History window as a chart. In here, a user can find the following information about the previously created slideshows: date, filename (includes both filename and video file format information), resolution, duration, size. There's also an Action column to the right of this information.


In this column there are the controls to perform one of the following actions:

“Folder” icon – opens the folder that contains a selected slideshow with a focus on the file.

“Play” icon – opens a chosen file in a default media player.

“Recycle bin” icon – deletes a selected project from history.

There is a “Clear history” button under the chart – click it to delete all the information about previously created projects.

“UPLOAD” button next to the “Clear history” one is for uploading of the slideshows listed in the History panel to YouTube, Google Drive and Dropbox. Select the slideshow you wish to upload, click the “UPLOAD” button and select the online service to which you want to upload the file from the newly opened drop-down list.

“Resume project” button is located to the right of the “UPLOAD” button. Select a slideshow to resume and press this button to continue with the project (read more in the “Resuming older projects from history” section).

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