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Output slideshow settings. Slideshow preview zone

Slideshow preview is available prior to creating a slideshow in a special player in the upper part of the slideshow settings zone. In-built player allows playing, pausing and resuming the preview of the the entire slideshow or separate slides and changing the volume. It also shows the entire project’s duration.

Playing, pausing, resuming of a preview's playback is available with the PLAY/PAUSE button. The STOP button cancels the preview of the slideshow (or preview of a certain slide in case it was launched from a preview thumbnail). To preview a ready slideshow prior to creating it, click the “Preview” button in the bottom right corner of the program's window.

Information about a previewed file is displayed in the upper left hand side corner of the preview window. If a full preview was launched, the “Full preview” message would appear in the upper left hand side corner of the player. In case a user launched a preview of a single slide, the message would look like this: “Preview transition to slide N”, where N stands for a sequence number of a file in the image queue.

Preview volume

User can change the volume level by using the volume panel. Move the slider on the right of the speaker icon to the left to lower the volume or move it to the right to make the sound louder. Click the speaker icon to mute the volume and click it again to get the volume back.

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