Best VR headsets of 2018

Best VR headsets of 2018In just a few short years, virtual reality (VR) has transformed from a prospective technology to a fully functional nascent market. Major tech companies have embraced VR with devices called head mounted displays (HMDs): headset devices that act as a gateway between computing devices and the user.
Around these devices, software vendors and developers have created hundreds of games and applications that work in the virtual space. For a completely immersive experience, virtual reality is changing the way in which we consume media and interact with content.
There are dozens of HMDs on the market, but only some of them stand out as the best available. We have listed the leading virtual reality headsets for PC, mobile, and consoles. From tech giants like Samsung, Google, HTC, and Sony, to the virtual reality giant Oculus, the HMDs we have chosen are the topVR headsets of 2018.
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Best Baby Monitors of 2018

Best Baby Monitors of 2018Nothing in the world is more precious than a baby, but it is a time of life when we are at our most vulnerable. Baby monitors are fantastic ways to ensure the safety of little ones while you are in another room, extending your vision and ears around the house. These days, baby monitors are smart home devices that connect with other hardware such as smartphones and tablets.
As is usually the case, some video baby monitors are better than others, even if on the surface they boast similar features. While excellent monitors cost around $200, there are certainly noteworthy products available for a fraction of that price. Some features customers should look for include two-way audio, high resolution video, pan and tilt functions, motion sensing, and night vision.
The truth is, no single solution is perfect and it is worth considering your individual needs and budget when looking for a baby monitor. We have tested a selection of video baby monitors to find the very best available today, from high-featured hardware to basic low-cost solutions that are still effective.
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How to Post on Instagram from PC

How to Post on Instagram from PCIf you have ever visited Instagram on the web, then you will know you cannot upload a photo. The Facebook-owned service points users toward the Android or iOS mobile apps for image sharing. Many thought the situation was remedied when an official Windows 10 Instagram app launched in 2016. However, the app was almost redundant as it also lacked the ability to upload an image to the social network.
A lack of PC uploading is a pain, especially as some users may want to upload photos that are not on their smartphones, or perform robust editing on Photoshop before posting.
Yes, the official path to Instagram photo uploading on PCs is closed, but there are always welcome unofficial methods. All the techniques revolve around essentially tricking Instagram into thinking the uploaded image is coming from a mobile device and not a PC. There are three ways to do this, so check them out below.
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Best Wireless Chargers of 2018

Best Wireless Chargers of 2018Wireless technology generally moved more slowly than the overall tech revolution that happened over the last 20 years. People have become used to a multi-device lifestyle and have had to contend with wires – lots of wires. This was frustrating for smartphones as chargers were often flimsy and could break easily.
Wireless chargers have emerged in recent years and have changed the game. These small devices allow you to charge a smartphone on a desk, on your bedside table, or anywhere you want – all without a wire. Android OEMs like Samsung have been dabbling in wireless charging for a few years, but like many aspects of the smartphone world, it took Apple to spark the market into life.
The company’s iPhone 8/iPhone X launched last year and allowed Apple to embrace wireless charging for the first time. Manufacturers have backed the launch with a fresh wave of peripherals. We have compiled a list of the best wireless chargers of 2018, including the most adaptable, powerful, and compatible chargers available.
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Top 5 Wireless Earbuds to Buy in 2018

Top 5 Wireless Earbuds to Buy in 2018Thanks to the beauty of technology, you no longer have to move around listening to music worrying about getting annoying cables in your way. Bluetooth-compatible earphones can deliver music from your device to your ears with literally no strings attached.
Tech companies have embraced wireless earbuds, and there are now hundreds of models on the market. Finding out which are the best is not easy, which is why we have created a list of the top 5 wireless earbuds of 2018. All wireless earbuds have no physical connection between the audio device and the buds; however, some do have a wire connecting the left and right buds. Our list is made of the best true wireless earbuds based on audio quality, range, design, price, and features.
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Best Wireless Routers of 2018

Best Wireless RouterIf you’re shopping for a new wireless router in 2018, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Weeding through all these products to find the very best to meet your needs can be tough. Luckily, we are here to do all the heavy lifting for you.
Many people are embracing the concept of a smart home, so which new wireless router is best? We have sifted through hundreds of products and put many to the test to find the best across several categories.
Understanding online routers is easy. Often, customers get weighed down by technical jargon that means little to most people. Here we keep the technicalities to a minimum and simply provide the information you need to know when looking for the best wireless routers of 2018.
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How to Overclock Your CPU

How to Overclock Your CPUYou may have heard of the term overclocking your CPU or PC. This is essentially increasing the multiplier of the CPU so that the processor runs faster and speeds up the computer. However, overclocking is not without risks, and beginners should know it can be expensive and time-consuming to fix problems. That’s because overclocking is rarely only about increasing the multiplier of a CPU; it also involves changing voltage settings, managing heat, and tweaking fan rotation velocity.
Heat is arguably the most important consideration when overclocking a CPU. It’s a simple concept: the more voltage you run through components to make them faster, the more heat they generate. In turn, the more heat, the more chance of the components running too hot. Increasing voltage may only get you so far as PC components will only handle so much extra voltage before they start to have detrimental effects.
So, overclocking to increase performance could result in worse performance if not done properly. Performance drops could include reduced frame rates for GPUs, corrupt processes, and boot issues. There are certainly benefits to overclocking. Done correctly, you will be able to get the maximum possible performance from your CPU. Here’s how to get your overclocking adventure underway.
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Best Gaming Laptops of 2018

Best 6 gaming laptopsYou are on the market for the best gaming laptop of 2018, but you probably don’t know what it is. The truth is, the best gaming laptop for you may not be the best gaming laptop for someone else. So many factors are included in defining an excellent gaming machine that it can be hard to decide which is best. Whatever you need, we are here to help you find the best gaming laptop of 2018. Our list comprises the best-of-the-best gaming machines across the most important categories for customers.
Our list of the best gaming laptops of 2018 includes devices that carry the latest specs and hardware choices. All machines here have Intel Core i7 processors, with five from our list featuring Kaby Lake 7th generation processors. The exception is the Gigabyte Aero 4, which still gets a Core i7, but it is from the sixth Skylake generation.
You may be thinking Intel’s Core i7 has already reached the 8th generation (Coffee Lake); however, these CPUs are only now coming to production and the gaming laptop market has not yet started using this generation. The laptops you see below are at the pinnacle of the market in terms of their hardware.
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7 Best Free Malware Removal Tools 2018

Best Free Malware Removal toolsCyber attacks are increasing in frequency and severity, making protecting your PC more important than it has ever been. Most of us keep our important information on a computer, so keeping data-stealing malware, ransomware, and other infections out of our machines is essential.
Antivirus and malware removal tools are more powerful than ever, so we’ve gathered the best free programs that are available to download in 2018. Our list names the top tools for stopping, managing, and removing spyware, adware, malware, and other kinds of viruses.
Each malware removal program featured in our list is trustworthy and was tested by us to meet the highest standards. The software included is named among the best antivirus software for Windows Home users by AV-Test, which independently assesses software based on protection, performance, and usability.
Most of the programs here are also award members of AV-Comparatives, a nonprofit that seeks to highlight the quality of antivirus software. The only exception is Malwarebytes, which is not included by AV-Test or AV-Comparatives. That’s because the company doubts the validity of independent tests where malware removal tools are subjected to a barrage of zero-day attacks.
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Best Free Photoshop Alternatives 2018

Best Free Photoshop AlternativeAdobe’s Photoshop has become the most popular photo editing software available. So much so that the program is synonymous with image creation and has entered the common lexicon for tweaked photos. However, there is a vibrant market of Photoshop alternatives out there, and many of the best editors are available for free.
You may be wondering why you should pay for Photoshop when some programs deliver many of the same features for free? That’s why we decided to sift through the market to find the best free Photoshop alternatives. Our list shows the very best photo editing programs available on desktop and mobile devices. From touchscreen apps ideal for quick edits and beginners, to complete suites of high-featured editing tools, we have it covered.
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