How to Download YouTube Videos

How to download YouTube videosYouTube is the most used video streaming and viewing platform available. This website doesn’t directly offer the feature to download YouTube videos and the question of how to proceed it might appear to any other regular user.

Google has created an excellent service and millions of people use YouTube daily. Using this service, you can watch a mind-boggling array of content. From sports and online gaming, to business, news, and of course funny videos about cats!

But what happens if you don’t have an Internet connection or may have a period where you are offline? During these periods, it is not possible to watch YouTube. For example, let’s say you are traveling and there is no 4G coverage.

During times like these, being able to download from YouTube is a fantastic way to keep watching the content you enjoy. In this article, we look at five simple ways you can download a YouTube video.

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Best Download Manager: Editor’s Pick 2021

Best Download ManagerDownloading items from the internet can be tricky and fraught with problems unless you have a download manager software installed. Downloading files can be incredibly messy and you can end up with files scattered everywhere. This is why the Internet download manager could be an excellent tool providing you with both convenience and protection. Make sure you follow online safety tips while going online.

File downloader software aim to remove the stress and unorganized approach to downloading files from the internet. Whether you are downloading images, audio files, or full movies, a download manager can make the process much easier. Also, it can ensure that your downloads are easy to access and that you can easily keep track of them.

Simply clicking on a download link can be an issue – you may not be sure where the file has been saved too. Also, you may not know how a web browser keeps track of the downloading process since there are plenty of various browsers you can use. This is again where downloader app is beneficial. They are also perfect tools if you regularly download multiple files from the internet. If this is something you would benefit from, we have listed five of the best download managers available below:

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GIMP vs Photoshop: Which Image Editor Is Better?

GIMP vs PhotoshopGIMP and Photoshop are two of the oldest and best-known raster graphics and photo editing software available. Both programs have a huge following, excellent support, and have been at the forefront of graphics editing for many years. But as for GIMP vs Photoshop, which is the better option? Is there a clear choice between these two behemoths of photo editing?

In this article we look at exactly that and see how these two image editors compare with each other. Before making a choice, you should consider what you want to use the photo editing software for. Do you simply enjoy creating graphics and want a piece of software to have fun with? Or do you require graphics editing for a business venture such as web design, photo editing, or graphic design? Having this in mind and considering the below will help you choose easier.

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Best Open Source Software: Essential Picks

Best open source softwareThe internet is packed full of software solutions. Open source software is software which source code you can find, view and modify. Since the code of OSS software is available to everyone the users can use programs with such licensing for free.

Open Source projects are usually completely free or incredibly inexpensive. Also, this type of software is usually universally accessible and has an excellent host of supporting documentation. In this guide, we look at five of the best open source software solutions available in various fields including media players and audio editors.

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How to Track a Phone: 5 Ways

How to Track a PhoneIn today’s modern world, location tracking is much easier. Thus, figuring how to track a phone should not be an issue. There is a host of unique and interesting ways to find a phone location, particularly on smartphones. Most smartphones now have advanced GPS locator technology that can pinpoint the device’s location within a few feet.

This is an incredibly handy tool to find phone and as you will see below, can be used together with a variety of services and apps to track a phone. In this guide, we look at why you may need to track phone, and also provide five top methods that allow you to do this on various mobile types.

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SSD vs HDD: What to Choose?

SSD vs HDDEvery computer, MAC, or laptop needs a storage device. Thus the results of SSD vs HDD battle cam be helpful for any computer user. A storage could be an external device or an internal drive – you can have both, and you can have multiple storage devices too. It is not uncommon for powerful computers like gaming computers to have several hard drives for storing games, and for system storage.

Currently, there are two main types of hard disk drive you can buy – HDD, and SSD drive. These are similar devices, but they have key differences in terms of price and performance. It is important to know the difference, and understand which one is the better choice. This is especially true if you want to build a powerful computer for gaming, or for graphic design, for example.

To help, we have created this simple guide and comparison. We look at both types of hard disk drive and look at how their different features compare. As a result, you will have a clear understanding of both drive types and which could be suitable for your computer rig.

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Best Print to PDF Software 2021

Best Print to PDF softwarePDF files are important files that are essential for business. One of the easiest ways to turn files to PDF format is to use print to PDF software. PDF format allows the simple transfer of data and is a universal file type that most computers are capable of reading. You can use a myriad of programs to view PDF documents.

But can you create these files from other sources such as Microsoft Word documents and image files? It is possible to do this using programs and apps that offer print to PDF feature. These programs essentially use a standard print dialogue box, but instead of printing the file, you can save it directly in PDF format.

These programs are incredibly useful and allow you to save as PDF virtually anything. You can then easily share these files where it may not have been possible in their original file format. In this guide, we look at the best print to PDF software and provide free examples.

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UHD vs 4K: What is the Difference?

UHD vs 4KResolution standards for TV and film are continually improving. Thus, knowing the winner of the UHD vs 4K battle is essential to stay up-to-date. In the last decade, we have seen a vast improvement in the quality of resolution, and as a result, the quality of displays like TVs and monitors.

Initially, 720p and 1080p were some of the first high definition resolutions available. However, these are becoming outdated and have been replaced my much improved resolution standards such as 4K and UHD. If you are struggling to understand the rapid changes in display resolution, we have created this simple guide to compare UHD vs 4K.

We look at the definition of both resolution standards, and see what they have to offer in terms of price, usability, and quality.

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Mac vs PC: Is There a Clear Winner?

MAC vs PCPC’s and MAC computers are the two main types of device we associate with personal computers. Thus, we decided to dedicate this article to Mac vs PC battle. For decades, these two products have striven for market dominance and both have a steadfast group of ardent supporters. There are those who stick with Apple computers and see the Mac as the pinnacle of computing. Also, there are those who would never even consider using a Mac and prefer to stick with Windows computers.

But which is the best choice? Is there a clear winner? Is one type of personal computer more suitable for certain uses? This is a long-debated argument and for some there is no clear winner. To try and shed some light on this, we have created a side-by-side comparison for the PC vs Mac topic. We look at important considerations including security, price, and available software.

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Online Safety Tips: 10 Essential Tips

Online Safety TipsOnline safety is hugely important – especially with how often we now use online technologies. We are continually online – via our smart television, when we use social media apps on our smartphones, or when we do online shopping and check emails on our computers.

The online world has become integrated into our daily lives, and this is why these Internet safety tips we have listed are so important. There are a plethora of hackers and cybercriminals who act unethically online and use various methods to try and steal your personal data, card information, or simply to cause disruptions.

You must therefore be guarded when online, and understand how to protect yourself. To ensure you can do this, we have listed 10 online safety tips that you can put into practice immediately!

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