Free Music Making Software: Editor’s Choice

Free music making softwareThere are a lot of reasons you might need free music making software. Are you looking for a way to edit your songs that you recorded with your audio recorder? Maybe become the next great DJ? It’s not just for audiophiles, musicians or sound engineers. You can use music making software for a perfectly regular daily occasion such as combining several songs into one file, creating a podcast, making sound effects for a presentation, or putting together a birthday or wedding video, and so on. By editing music and other sound effects in using a nice music software, you can make any video so much better!

Without any further ado, here are the best free music making software of 2021.

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Best Webcam Software 2021

Best Webcam SoftwareWebcams are one of the few and most important ways we stay connected to the rest of the world from the safety and comfort of our own homes. Almost every laptop comes equipped with a webcam, and a separate add-on webcam is a must-have peripheral for desktop computers. However not all the computers and laptops have decent webcam software preinstalled.

Most webcams only offer the ability to record videos. In order to add overlays and special effects, or simply adjust the colour balance and lighting so that the video looks good, a webcam software is a must-have.

Below you will find the review of the best webcam software we managed to find.

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Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10

Free backup softwareKeeping backups of your data is incredibly important. Keep and run free backup software on your device in order not to lose anything important. Nowadays, we store so many valuable and important files on our computers without paying attention to security. We don’t bother with it, right up to the moment when an accident occurs and all those files are gone. At that point, it’s extremely frustrating to try and recover them.

There are a lot of ways this can happen. Hard drives can fail over time or due to electrical issues. A virus can corrupt or delete files. Or you could simply delete them by accident.

Even though there are a lot of recovery software out there, not every one of them are perfect. It is also expensive to carry out data recovery. Remember, prevention is better than the cure. Keeping data backed up is the ‘prevention’.

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Outlook Alternative: Top 5 Options

Outlook alternativeMicrosoft Outlook software has been dominating the email client market for years thanks to its innovative approach and pioneering presence. However, it’s a good idea to search for an Outlook alternative since this mail client has some severe limitations as well. Mostly, the high cost for personal Outlook plan. That’s why we’re are today with 5 spectacular Outlook alternatives. Let’s jump right in.

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Top Presentation Software of 2021

Presentation softwarePresentation software, as the name suggests, is a software which is used to display information in multimedia formats for an audience. These multimedia, which are usually images, video and audio files, are usually used in correspondence with a live speech or can even be a standalone project.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common household presentation software in the world given how it comes along with every Windows purchase. This article will not only elaborate on some of the best presentation software out there. Let’s begin.

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How to Make a PDF Smaller

How to make a pdf smallerHow many times did you try to upload a PDF document into a portal and failed because of the large file size? It happens from time to time and it’s completely normal because most of the online portals that accept PDF as a submission format restrict the size.

In this post, we are going to learn how to make a PDF smaller without losing too much quality. And we’re going to achieve it with a helpful tool “Compress PDF” by PDF Candy! This can help you with sending large files and save some disk space on your computer. Stay along because it’s going to be a joyful ride!

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5 Excel Alternatives That You Should Know By Now

Excel alternativeExcel is an essential software, highly required in any business toolbox. Given its sheer versatility, it has dominated the market for years. However, plenty of users tend to explore decent Excel alternatives.

From organizing and managing data, Excel allows users to analyze and also make forecasts. Visual representations can also be made quite easily using Excel spreadsheet tools, making it very user-friendly. However, the only drawback that Microsoft Excel has is that it fails to connect several users at the same time. This is because users cannot access the same document and collaborate in real-time. This individuality is perhaps the only shortcoming that this spreadsheet software has, which has opened the market for other companies to make their mark.

Since Excel is only set on individual computers, to transfer data, users have to email files back and forth, which can be an inconvenience. You might lose track of the latest version.

Nonetheless, this is where the Excel alternatives come into play. Unlike the Microsoft Office Suite, these platforms are mostly cloud-based, meaning your team can access the same file in real-time and work together.

In this article, we talk about the top 5 Excel alternatives, so you can easily make your pick.

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Best Music Player for Android 2021

Best Music Player for AndroidIn the age of Spotify and other music streaming services, having a huge collection of songs saved on your phone isn’t as common as it used to be. That’s when a music player for Android comes in handy if you’re on a relevant mobile OS of course.

There are hundreds of both Android music player apps out there. But that doesn’t mean all of them offer the same experience. What do you do when you have gigabytes of music already saved on your phone? What about when you are going out of town and won’t have reliable internet to stream music? Our readers deserve a smooth, customizable and feature packed experience when listening to their favourite songs. So, we’ve reviewed and picked out the very best music player for Android apps.

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Free Photo Editor: Popular Choices of 2021

Free Photo EditorThere are plenty of reasons to use a free photo editor. Maybe you want to create a social media post, add text to photos as part of a work project, or clean up vacation pictures for your family. However, premium photo editing software can be spendy, or it may just be more complicated than what you need.

We’re happy to help you discover options that won’t break the bank. You don’t need to sacrifice image quality or your favorite tools, either. Keep reading for a range of free photo editors to suit beginners and professionals alike.

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Zoom vs Skype: Which One is the Best

Zoom vs SkypeVideo conferencing has become one of the most popular forms of communication. Whether you’re catching up with friends or hosting a corporate meeting, it’s important to find a video software option that suits your needs. The two most popular options are Zoom vs Skype.

You’ve likely heard of both options but aren’t sure which to choose. Why is Zoom so popular? Why is Skype preferred for security reasons? Read on as we answer these questions and many more.

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