How to Convert ODT to PDF

Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer

ODT file format is used for documents created by OpenOffice Writer program. Applications like Google Docs, LibreOffice also use ODT or OpenDocument text format. It is designed for use across multiple operating systems and applications. PDF file format can be an attractive alternative to ODT format. PDF files are more popular than ODT files and preserve the original format of the content across operating systems and platforms.

To convert your files from ODT to PDF format you need only one program at your hands that is Icecream PDF Converter. This application also allows easy conversion of documents not only from ODT but from various formats to and from PDF to different formats as well - 25+ different types of conversion. You can complete ODT to PDF conversion in 4 easy steps you can find below.


Download and install the program

Download Icecream PDF Converter setup package and start the installation process. Follow the steps mentioned in the installer wizard to complete the installation. A confirmation message will be displayed on completion. To begin with converting files from ODT to PDF simply open to program and pay attention to the next steps.


Add ODT files

Select the “To PDF” option from the welcome screen of the program and press the “Add file” button. Browse and select the .odt files from your local machine or drag and drop the files directly to this window. You can also add additional files by pressing the PLUS (+) icon in the right hand side of the window or by dragging and dropping them right to the program's window.


Tweak the settings of the output PDF file

  • Icecream PDF Converter also allows you specify additional conversion options like the filename of the generated document, the title of the PDF and an optional password for accessing the PDF. Click on the settings icon for each file or the settings icon in the bottom of the window to open the settings pane. Click “SAVE FILE SETTINGS” to save the changes; press “CLOSE” to exit from this panel.

  • To merge the content from all the added ODT files into a single PDF file, check the “Merge all into one PDF file” option. You can reorder the position of each file in the generated document using the UP and DOWN arrow buttons or my means of drag and drop mechanism. If you are merging all the ODT files into one PDF file, it will contain the content from each document in the same sequence as they appear in this window.

  • Use the delete button to remove any of the selected files, or the “Clear All” option / delete icon in the bottom of the window to remove all the selected ODT files.

  • Specify the destination folder where the output PDF files will be placed by clicking the folder icon from the “Save to Folder” field. Select the folder of your choice from the local machine. The selected folder path will appear in this field.


Initiate ODT to PDF conversion

When all the files and their settings look good, press the “CONVERT” button to start the ODT to PDF conversion process. The progress bar will display the current status of conversion including the file being processed, page number of the file and the elapsed time. Use the Pause/Resume button to suspend and restart the conversion process at point of time. Terminate the process by pressing the CANCEL button.

After the conversion process is complete, a confirmation message will be displayed. Click on the OPEN FOLDER option to open the directory where the generated PDF files are placed.

This is how you convert ODT to PDF format using PDF converter by Icecream Apps.

Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer
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