How to Convert Video for iPad Format


Many people use the iPad as an ultimate gadget that substitutes a bunch of other devices. If you don't know how to convert video for iPad, this tutorial will help you out.

Icecream Video Converter will help you convert video files for iPad from Windows and make them suitable for this device even if the initial format isn’t natively supported.

This video file converter for PC offers a number of conversion options to make the process easy and quick. Our tutorial will explain how to deal with this specific task.

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Formats supported on iPad

Here are the main video formats that you can play on an iPad without having to install additional apps:

  • MP4. Digital multimedia container format commonly used to store video and audio. However, it can also contain other data such as subtitles and still images.
  • M4V. Video container format developed by Apple. The primary difference from MP4 is that M4V files can optionally be protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM copy protection.
  • MOV. Multimedia format developed by Apple. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms and is often used for storing movies and other video files.

Formats supported by the converter

The free video converter allows you to convert files to MP4, MOV, AVI, WebM, MKV, and MPEG video. As you can see, the M4V format is not supported.

Therefore, our guide will focus on MP4 and MOV formats.

How to convert video for iPad

Now that we know all the required information, we can begin the video processing. Below are the instructions on how to convert video for iPad using Windows software.

1. Download and install the video converter

First and foremost, download the best free video converter onto your computer. The entire process only takes a minute. You just need to click the "Download" button below and save the setup file. After that, run the file and follow the guidelines given by the installation wizard.

As soon as the process is completed, open the application and proceed to the next step.

Install video format converter

2. Import video files

Click the "Add file" button to locate and select the video(s) you want to convert for iPad. If you want to speed up this step, you can drag and drop all the files directly into the video format converter's interface.

You will see the full list of the formats available after clicking the "Add file" button.

3. Configure output file settings

  • Select format. As you already know, you should select MP4 or MOV video format. They are available in the "Convert to" menu.
  • Apply preset. The video converter has a special preset for different devices. Simply select the option for iPad from the menu in the bottom left corner of the software.

Note: when using a preset, the MP4 format will be applied to all videos in the queue or the selected file.

  • Adjust the quality. If needed, you can select a particular video quality and resolution from the corresponding menus.
  • Additional tools. As an optional video conversion setting, you can use the three tools available: trimming, adding SRT subtitles, and placing text or image watermark.

4. Convert video for iPad

When you are ready to convert a video for viewing on iPad, just click the "Convert" button in the bottom corner or to the right of the added file.

Typically, the process takes mere minutes, but sometimes it can take up to several hours if you deal with HD movies.

Upon completion, you will see the green "✓ Converted!" message below each processed file. Open the "History" tab to view all of them.

Best format to convert video for iPad

DRM SupportNoOptional (FairPlay DRM)No
SubtitlesYes (SRT, VTT, etc.)YesYes (Text, Subtitles track)
CompatibilityWidely compatible across platformsPrimarily Apple devicesApple devices, QuickTime player
UsageGeneral-purpose, web, and streamingiTunes Store videos, Apple devicesVideo editing, professional use
CompressionHigh efficiencyHigh efficiencyVariable (less efficient compared to MP4)
StreamingExcellent for web and streamingGoodNot typically used for streaming

Among the three iPad-friendly formats, MP4 is your best bet given its universal compatibility, balanced quality, and compact file size. It is perfect for downloading movies, streaming online content, or if you are trying to preserve storage space.

How to convert video for iPad - Conclusion

In conclusion, video compatibility no longer has to be a stumbling block. With simple and free software like the Icecream Video Converter, you can change your video format to suit your iPad's specifications.

Whether for work, education, or entertainment, knowing how to convert video files opens the door to accessing your media content wherever you go.

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