How to Convert M4V to MP4 Online & Offline

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Grasping the steps to convert an M4V file to an MP4 is essential for anyone who wishes to view videos on any suitable device without worrying about compatibility issues.

M4V files are typically used by Apple products, whereas MP4 videos are universal and can be employed on almost any device. Files distributed on iTunes typically have an M4V extension and users can open such videos only after buying them.

In case you want to open these files without complications or if your player doesn’t support them, you can convert those videos to a much more popular and usable MP4 format.

How to convert M4V to MP4 offline?

Moving M4V to MP4 is not difficult and can be done quickly with the right tools. Everything you need is a reliable free video file converter for Windows, for example Icecream Video Converter. It easily transforms M4V to MP4 format. This application is free of charge and can be downloaded without registration.

Step 1. Download and install the program

  • The process starts with the necessity to download Icecream Video Converter onto your computer.
  • Run the installation wizard. It will take you just a few seconds, and after that, you can open the program.

Step 2. Add M4V file

  • To add a desired M4V video for further conversion, all you need to do is click on the "Add file" button which is located in the upper left corner of the program.
  • The program will send you to the "Add file" panel where you are supposed to import the video.
  • Windows Explorer will be opened and you can browse your hard drive to find a file that you want to work with.
  • Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file onto the workspace. Add file.

Step 3. Configure output file settings

  • Format. You will be allowed to view the list of available video formats and choose the one that you are looking for (MP4 format). Choose format.
  • Resolution. Select the dimensions. Resolution.
  • Quality. Choice of ultra-low to ultra-high video quality. The program sets the "High" option by default because in this case your file will be converted without quality loss. In other cases, you will see some quality loss and also a reduction in the output file’s size. Quality.
  • Edit. Trim your video file, and add subtitles or a watermark.

Step 4. Locate the target folder and start the M4V to MP4 conversion


You will have some control over the conversion while it’s sunning. Particularly, you are allowed to use the "Pause/Resume" and "Cancel" icons at the bottom right of the window.

However, don’t press the "Convert" button immediately after configuring the settings for your first file – it’s possible to convert several videos in bulk in case you need it.

  • To do that, click on the "Add to queue" button. The file will show up in the queue. Click on a recycle bin icon corresponding to the file if you added the wrong one.
  • Then, press the "Add file" button again to import the second video and so on. The "Clear queue" button allows you to remove all files from the queue with a single mouse click.
  • When the queue looks completed, press the "Convert" button to change M4V to MP4 for all the added files and wait. When the process is finished, click on the "Open folder" button in a popup window to check your new MP4 videos.

How to change M4V to MP4 online?

CloudConvert is an online file conversion service that supports over 200 different formats, making it a versatile solution for various needs. By converting M4V files to MP4, you ensure greater accessibility and ease of use for your videos.

Step 1. Access the online video converter

  • To begin the conversion process, open your preferred web browser and navigate to the CloudConvert website.

Step 2. Upload your M4V file

  • Click the "Select File" button to initiate the selection process.
  • Choose the desired M4V video from your local storage or upload it from cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.
Step 2

Step 3. Choose the output format

  • Locate and select "MP4" as the desired format from the drop-down list next to the file's name.
Step 3

Step 4. Optional settings

  • Click the wrench icon to access the "Options" menu.
  • Adjust parameters such as resolution, codec, frame rate, audio quality, and more.
  • Press "Okay" to confirm the changes.
Step 4

Step 5. Convert M4V to MP4

  • Hit the "Convert" button to begin processing your M4V file.
  • After completing the conversion, the service will generate a download link for your newly created MP4 file.
  • Preview the result and save the video using the "Download" button.
Step 5

What is an M4V?

M4V is a format of video file that is employed to keep movies and TV shows in the iTunes Store.

This format usually uses H.264 video and AAC audio. It can also contain DRM protection, which prevents you from copying or sharing the video file with others.

M4V extension bears a resemblance to MP4 files, but they are not compatible with all gadgets. If you want to play M4V videos on Android or Windows devices, it is necessary to transform them into a suitable format, such as MP4.

M4V vs. MP4

M4V and MP4 are both popular video formats, but there are some key differences between them.

M4V is a type of MPEG-4 file used for videos that have been purchased or rented from iTunes.

It is similar to MP4, but Apple adds an extra "fair play" DRM protection layer to M4V files to protect their content from illegal redistribution. As such, M4V files are not compatible with many non-Apple devices.

MP4, on the other hand, is a container format for digital multimedia files that is widely supported by most platforms.

This makes it much easier to distribute videos across different systems than M4V, as it does not require special software or hardware for playback.

In terms of quality, both M4V and MP4 offer high-quality video and audio, but the actual it depends on the original source material. With the same source material, M4V files tend to have slightly better video quality than MP4s due to its digital rights management safeguards. However, this difference is usually negligible for casual viewers.

Reasons to convert M4V to MP4

Converting M4V to MP4 can make them more accessible and open up a range of new possibilities. Here are some reasons why you should consider exchanging your M4V files for MP4.

  • Device compatibility. MP4 is a very popular format, and it's supported by most media players, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other devices. This makes viewing your videos on any device simpler.
  • Storage. MP4 is usually smaller than M4V files, so you can maximize the capacity of your hard drive or other storage device.
  • Editing. If you want to edit your videos, it's much easier with an MP4 file. Many video editing programs support this format, so you can easily edit M4V videos without needing to convert them first.
  • Streaming. Streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo don't support M4V format. If you wish to upload your videos and share them with the world, they must be converted to MP4.

Changing M4V to MP4 is effortless, and it provides a lot of possibilities for seeing and sharing your videos. It's worth considering if you want more control over how you watch and share your videos.

FAQ on video conversion

Which is better - M4V or MP4?
It depends on your needs and preferences. M4V format is better suited for Apple products, while MP4 files are more extensively compatible with all systems and devices.
How long does it take to change M4V to MP4?
It is based on the size of the file and the speed of your computer. However, generally, it should take no more than a few seconds for a small file and several minutes for larger files.
Will the quality of my video be affected when converting M4V?
No, if you employ a trustworthy M4V to MP4 converter, like Icecream Video Converter, you will not experience any loss in quality during the conversion process.
Can I just rename the file extension?
Merely changing the name will not be sufficient to alter its type. To transform a M4V file into another format, a media converter is necessary.

Video converter tips

  1. Make use of a dependable online converter to rapidly and easily convert your M4V.
  2. Look out for free software tools that offer conversion capabilities.
  3. Many multimedia players can also transcode M4V to MP4, so check if yours has this capability.
  4. Use conversion presets to check that your output file is suitable for your device or platform of choice.
  5. Make sure you have enough storage space on your device for the converted file before you begin exchanging M4V for MP4.
  6. Verify that the quality of the audio and video stays intact throughout the process.
  7. If necessary, use additional applications such as video editors to make further adjustments after conversion is complete.
  8. To guarantee successful conversion of M4V to MP4, use an updated version of the software.


In conclusion, substituting an M4V file with an MP4 format can be accomplished swiftly and effortlessly with the appropriate video converter and understanding.

Look for programs that offer additional features such as batch conversion and video editing options to make the process even easier. With our guide in mind, you can quickly convert any M4V file to an MP4 version.

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