How to Convert Video to MOV

Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer

Users that love playing with formats and devices should consider a versatile application that supports different types of conversion. Unfortunately, many tools don’t meet the requirements due to the lack of features or supported formats. Icecream Media Converter is an ultimate solution for those who need to convert video to MOV format on a regular basis and look for a decent program for such tasks.

This particular tutorial is dedicated to video to MOV conversion. Follow the directions to convert any type of video files to MOV in 4 easy steps.


Download and install the program

Firstly, you need to download Icecream Media Converter and install the program onto your computer. This is a standard installation that doesn’t require registration, activation key or payment. Just run the setup.exe file and install the program according to the directions given by the wizard. Installation is completed in less than a minute and you can start using a full version of the program immediately. To start working with it you should simply double click on its icon.


Add video file or YouTube URL

You can either convert a video file saved on your computer or download and convert a YouTube video:

  • Add File. Press the “Add File” button in the upper left corner of the main window to open “Add file” working panel.

Click on the area for selecting the desired file to use the explorer to find your file. Program supports such video formats to work with as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, 3GP, MPG and others. Choose the needed one and press “Open”. After that, the file will appear in the corresponding box.

  • Add URL. You can convert a needed video directly from URL. The program supports YouTube videos and all you need to do is hit “Add URL” button.

Copy a valid link to needed video from your browser, hit “Add URL” button that will open “Add URL panel” and insert the web address into the suggested box by either pressing “paste URL” button or using Ctrl+V key combination.


Configure output file settings

  • Convert To. In this section, you want to press on the “Video” button in the “Convert To” line to further convert video file or Url to MOV.

  • Convert By. Your desired output format is MOV, so press the “Format” button to open the list of formats later.

  • Choose format. Now, when the list is available, choose MOV in the dropdown menu. If you are converting from URL, you should choose the output format as well.

  • Choose quality. “Best” quality is set by default because it saves the quality of the file without any loss. Other options will lower the quality of initial the video and thus give you files of worse quality but smaller size.


Start video to MOV conversion

If you want to convert a single file, simply press the “Convert” button at the bottom of the window.

If you want to convert multiple video files to MOV simultaneously, you can do it by pressing the “Add to Queue” button at the bottom right. Configure the settings for each file and keep adding files or URLs to queue until all the queue is completely formed. Press “Convert” in the queue menu to convert all the files in a bulk.

Hitting the “Pause” button to the right of the progress bar will pause the conversion until you choose to resume it. “Delete” icon next to the Pause one will help you eliminate all the current tasks of Media Converter. When the conversion is completed for all your files, press “Open Folder” to find your output files.

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Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer
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