How to Convert Video Files to MOV Format


Are you searching for the ideal way to convert your video to MOV format? If you intend to watch videos on an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, it is essential to do so.

Fortunately, changing video files to MOV does not have to be complex. In this guide, we'll uncover the answer to the "How to convert video to MOV" question using a versatile program for Windows computers.

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What is the MOV format?

MOV is a multimedia container file format by Apple Inc., originally developed for its QuickTime media player. It is primarily used for saving video files but can also contain audio and text (such as subtitles).

Icecream Video Converter, however, isn't simply limited to MOV. It supports the most popular formats such as MP4, MKV, and AVI, along with less common ones like FLV, MTS, M4V, VOB, and 3GP.

How to convert video to MOV?

Changing video to MOV using Icecream Video Converter is swift and straightforward. Now that we know some information about this format, let's dive into the conversion process.

1. Install the converter

Firstly, you need to download the best free video converter for Windows PC and install the program onto your computer. This is a standard process that doesn’t require registration, activation key, or payment.

Install video to MOV converter

Just run the file and set up the program according to the on-screen directions. Installation is completed in less than a minute and you can start using the MOV video converter immediately.

Install video converter

2. Add video files

Press the "Add File" button in the upper left corner of the main window to open the File Explorer. Navigate to the desired folder and select your video(s).

There is also an easier and faster way of importing files. You can simply drag and drop your videos into the program.

3. Configure output settings

  • Firstly, select the MOV format for your files. Navigate to the video converter's menu and select the desired option from the drop-down menu. This will affect only one file at a time.

For bulk conversion, you can use the MOV preset. There are 4 options available (auto, 4K, 1080p, and 720p). If you do not need to change the resolution, simple select auto and the software will use the original parameters.

  • By default, the high quality option is selected. If you need to change the quality or the output file size is too large for you, you select lower settings. The same can be applied to the video resolution.
  • The MOV video file converter also provides additional tools for modifying the clip before conversion. You can trim you video, add SRT subtitles, and paste custom text or image watermark.

4. Start video to MOV conversion

If you want to process a single file, simply press the "Convert" button next to the file settings.

If you need to convert multiple video files to MOV simultaneously, you can do it by clicking the pink "Convert" button at the bottom right.

Hitting "Pause" to the right of the progress bar will freeze the processing until you choose to resume it.

When the video conversion is completed for all your files, you can press the "Folder" icon to open the resulting video in the specified location. Alternatively, you can go to the "History" tab to find all your output files.

Advantages of MOV conversion

Converting video files to the MOV format offers several benefits:

  • MOV files support high-quality video and audio, making them suitable for professional editing and production.
  • Such videos can contain multiple media types (video, audio, text), making it easy to include subtitles, alternate soundtracks, or embedded metadata.
  • The format can contain both lossy and lossless compressed video and audio streams depending on the codecs used.
  • It is natively supported by Apple devices and software, including QuickTime, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro.


Can MOV files be played on Windows computers?
Yes, all you need is a compatible media player like VLC, Windows Media Player (with the right codecs installed), and others.
What are codecs can be used in MOV files?
Popular options include H.264, MPEG-4, ProRes, and others depending on the video quality and compression requirements.
What is the best quality setting to use when converting videos?
The best quality setting depends on your individual needs. However, it is generally recommended to use a resolution of 1080p or higher and a bitrate of at least 10 Mbps for optimal results.
What is the difference between MOV and MP4?
They are both container formats, but MOV is developed by Apple whereas MP4 is an international standard. MP4 is more widely supported across different platforms and devices.

How to convert video to MOV - Conclusion

Converting video to MOV is uncomplicated if you follow the instructions provided in this article.

Our feature-rich video format converter ensures high-quality media transformation - the key to enjoying content in the digital age. It's the perfect tool for creators, videographers, or anyone in need of reliable video format conversion.

Once you have successfully converted your video to MOV, you can enjoy watching it on your desired device with ease.

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