Best Alternatives to Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro stands as a well-known powerhouse, often chosen for its intuitive interface and robust features. However, it remains exclusive to macOS, leaving Windows users in search of the best video editor with similar features.

In this article, we'll provide you with 8 alternatives to Final Cut Pro for Windows. We'll explore the top contenders, each offering its unique set of features and capabilities to bring your vision to life.

Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or an aspiring enthusiast, finding the right video editing software can be pivotal.

8 Final Cut Pro Windows Alternatives

Program Free version Price Link
Icecream Screen Recorder
Unlimited period
$29.95 per year
$49.95 lifetime
Adobe Premiere Pro
7 days trial
$34.49 per month
$263.88 per year
DaVinci Resolve
Unlimited period
$295 lifetime
Sony Vegas Pro
30 days trial
$19.99 per month
$95.88 per year
$149 perpetual
Unlimited period
$7.99 per month for Creator plan
$12.99 per month for Pro plan
Adobe Premiere Rush
Unlimited period
$9.99 per month
$22.99 per month bundle with Premiere Pro
Unlimited period
$11.99 per month
$119.99 per year

1. Icecream Video Editor

Icecream Video Editor is a notable Final Cut Pro alternative for Windows those seeking a comprehensive solution. This video editing software offers a range of features that cater to the needs of both amateur and experienced users.

Similar to Final Cut Pro, this free video editor allows you to arrange and edit their footage on a timeline, enabling precise control over the process. It offers a variety of built-in video effects and transitions to enhance the visual appeal of your projects.

Once you've finished editing the video, you can export it in various formats, resolutions, and quality settings. The Windows video editor supports popular formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, and more.

Editing tools:

  • Trimming and cutting;
  • Merging videos;
  • Adding audio;
  • Text and titles;
  • Video effects;
  • Transitions;
  • Speed control;
  • Rotation and flip;
  • Crop and zoom;
  • Picture-in-picture (PIP).
Icecream Video Editor


  • Audio editing. Users can adjust audio levels, add background music, and incorporate voiceovers.
  • 4K video support. This alternative to Final Cut Pro supports editing of high-definition and 4K resolution videos.
  • Media library. You can easily organize and manage your video and audio assets within the built-in media library, streamlining the editing workflow.
  • Subtitle support. This free video editor allows you to add and customize subtitles to your videos, enhancing accessibility and viewer engagement.
  • Ease of use. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward tools make it easy for beginners to learn and start editing videos quickly.
  • Regular updates. The video editing software receives regular updates, which include bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Resource efficiency. It consumes relatively fewer system resources compared to some professional editing software. This makes it suitable for users with less powerful computers.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and is widely used by filmmakers, editors, YouTubers, and other content creators to edit and produce high-quality videos.

The video editor seamlessly integrates with other Adobe applications such as After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop. This allows for a smooth workflow, with the ability to import assets from other programs directly into Premiere Pro projects.

Editing tools:

  • Trimming;
  • Rate stretch tool;
  • Effect controls;
  • Audio mixer;
  • Audio effects;
  • Color correction;
  • Transitions;
  • Warp stabilizer.
Adobe Premiere Pro


  • Multi-camera footage. This video editing software allows users to sync and edit footage from multiple cameras to create multi-angle films.
  • Powerful color correction. Advanced correction and grading tools, such as Lumetri, color wheels, curves, and scopes, enable users to achieve professional-looking results.
  • Efficient workflow. Customizable workspace, along with keyboard shortcuts and project templates, streamline the editing process and increase productivity.
  • GPU Acceleration. This Final Cut Pro alternative utilizes GPU acceleration to enhance performance, enabling faster rendering, and real-time effects processing, especially with high-resolution and complex projects.
  • Collaboration. Collaboration features allow multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. This includes version control and commenting options to streamline teamwork.


  • Steep learning curve. This might not be the best video editor for beginners. It takes time and effort to learn its extensive features and functionalities effectively.
  • System requirements. This alternative to Final Cut Pro demands significant system resources, including CPU, GPU, and RAM. This might limit its accessibility for users with lower-spec computers.
  • Subscription price. The program is only available through Adobe's subscription-based Creative Cloud service, which is quite expensive.

3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a professional color grading and video editing software developed by Blackmagic Design.

It is available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers a robust set of features and the paid license, DaVinci Resolve Studio, provides additional functionalities like noise reduction and lens correction.

This Final Cut Pro alternative for PC is known for its advanced color grading capabilities, making it a popular choice among filmmakers and colorists.

The program is often recommended for indie filmmakers due to its comprehensive feature set, excellent performance, and a free version with advanced capabilities.

Editing tools:

  • Advanced trimming;
  • Color correction;
  • Multi-camera editing;
  • Audio editing;
  • Motion graphics;
  • Effects and transitions;
  • Keyframe animation;
  • Fairlight audio;
  • Proxy editing;
  • Fusion effects.
DaVinci Resolve


  • Resolve FX. The suite of built-in visual effects and filters includes a wide range of tools such as blurs, distortions, glows, lens flares, color effects, and much more.
  • Fusion integration. Fusion, Blackmagic Design's node-based compositing tool, allows you to create advanced visual effects and motion graphics directly within the interface.
  • ADR and Foley. The video editor supports automated dialogue replacement (ADR) and Foley recording workflows. This enables precise synchronization of dialogue replacement and sound effects with video playback.


  • Hardware requirements. This alternative to Final Cut Pro requires powerful computers with dedicated GPUs to ensure smooth playback and rendering.
  • Limited plugins. Compared to other professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve has a more limited selection of third-party plugins and integrations available.

4. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is a professional video editor developed by MAGIX, previously by Sony Creative Software.

This Final Cut Pro windows alternative is designed for non-linear editing (NLE) and offers a wide range of features for video editing, color correction, visual effects, and compositing.

It's widely used in the film and television industry, as well as by individual content creators, YouTubers, and other professionals who need robust video editing capabilities.

Editing tools:

  • Timeline editing;
  • Multi-camera editing;
  • Audio editing;
  • Color grading;
  • Video effects;
  • Keyframe animation;
  • Green screen (chroma key);
  • Motion tracking;
  • Masking and compositing;
  • Audio mixing and mastering;
  • 3D editing and stereoscopic 3D;
  • GPU acceleration;
  • Customizable interface.
Sony Vegas Pro


  • Effects and transitions. This alternative to Final Cut for PC provides a diverse selection of built-in effects, transitions, and filters, enabling users to enhance their videos creatively.
  • Text to speech. Integration of AI text-to-speech functionality allows for easy narration and voice-over creation directly within the editing environment.
  • RAW processing. Utilizing CUDA technology, the video editing software enables efficient processing of RAW footage, positively affecting editing performance and workflow speed.
  • VEGAS content. Access to a library of royalty-free music, sound effects, and stock footage provides additional resources for enhancing projects and speeding up production.


  • Less industry standard. It is not as prevalent in professional film and television production environments as other video editing software for Windows like Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • High price. The cost of the program for perpetual license, subscription plans, or upgrades is relatively high.

5. Blender

Blender is not only a powerful 3D modeling and animation software but also a capable video editor. It is completely free and open-source, meaning its source code is freely available for anyone to modify and distribute.

This is one most versatile alternatives to Final Cut Pro available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring compatibility across different operating systems.

This open-source software offers a non-linear editing (NLE) workflow, allowing users to arrange clips, audio, and effects on a timeline.

Editing tools:

  • Trimming, cutting, and splitting;
  • Merging and rearranging clips;
  • Adding transitions;
  • Basic audio editing;
  • Color grading and correction;
  • Keyframe animation;
  • Text overlay and title;
  • Green screen (chroma key);
  • Masking and rotoscoping;
  • Video stabilization;
  • Speed control;
  • Time remapping;
  • Built-in effects and filters;
  • 3D animation and visual effects.


  • Free to use. This Final Cut Pro alternative for Windows is free and open-source, making it accessible to everyone without any cost barriers.
  • 3D integration. Being a 3D software at its core, Blender seamlessly integrates 3D elements, animations, and effects into video projects, offering unique creative possibilities.
  • Customization. The interface and functionality can be customized and extended using Python scripting. This allows users to tailor the software to their specific needs.
  • Versatility. The app's video editing capabilities seamlessly integrate with its other features, such as animation, compositing, and simulation, allowing for a cohesive and holistic creative workflow.


  • Steep learning curve. The interface and workflow can be daunting for beginners, requiring a significant investment of time and effort to learn effectively.

6. HitFilm

HitFilm is a video editing and visual effects software developed by FXhome. It's known for its powerful features, including compositing, motion graphics, color grading, and audio editing capabilities

This alternative to Final Cut Pro offers both free and paid versions, with the pro subscription unlocking additional features and effects. It's popular among filmmakers, video editors, and YouTubers for its versatility and professional-grade tools.

This Final Cut Pro Windows version can be used as a standalone application, but it also integrates seamlessly with other video editing software and workflows. For example, users can import and export projects between HitFilm and popular apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Editing tools:

  • Multi-track timeline;
  • Trimming and cutting;
  • Transitions;
  • Audio editing;
  • Green screen;
  • Visual effects;
  • Motion tracking;
  • Titling and text animation;
  • Keyframing;
  • Masking and rotoscoping;
  • 3D compositing.


  • Professional effects. The video editing software includes a variety of high-quality effects, such as particle simulations, lens flares, and explosions, enabling users to create stunning visuals for their videos.
  • Advanced color grading. The video editor provides powerful color grading tools, including correction, color wheels, and LUT support.
  • Motion tracking. The program includes built-in motion-tracking tools. Users can track the movement of objects or points in a video and apply effects or elements that follow their motion.
  • Audio synchronization. There are audio synchronization capabilities to ensure that sound effects, music, and dialogue are perfectly aligned with the visuals.
  • Export options. Once editing is complete, users can export their projects in a variety of formats and resolutions. There are different options suitable for sharing on social media, uploading to video platforms, or burning to disc.


  • Paid features. While this video editor for Windows offers a free version, some advanced features and effects are only available in the paid version.
  • Rendering times. Rendering complex projects can be time-consuming, especially when using multiple visual effects or 3D elements, which may impact workflow efficiency.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a free video editor developed for social media platforms. It offers a simplified interface compared to Adobe's professional video editing software like Premiere Pro, making it more accessible to beginners and casual users.

The program also has integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows users to seamlessly switch between Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro for more advanced editing tasks.

This alternative to Final Cut Pro is designed to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. It's available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. This means you can start editing on your computer and continue working on the project while on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Editing tools:

  • Trimming and splitting;
  • Adjustment layers;
  • Text overlay;
  • Transitions;
  • Audio editing;
  • Voiceover recording;
  • Motion graphics templates;
  • Speed adjustment;
  • Keyframe animation;
  • Auto reframe;
  • Export presets;
  • Cross-device syncing;
  • Cloud storage integration;
  • Built-in camera capture.
Adobe Premiere Rush


  • Auto reframe. Automatically resize and crop videos for different aspect ratios, optimized for various social media platforms.
  • Cloud storage integration. Access media files stored in Adobe Creative Cloud directly within Premiere Rush, facilitating collaboration and file management.
  • User-friendly interface. The video editor features a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible to casual users and beginners.


  • Large software package. To access Premiere Rush, users need to download and install the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite. It includes additional applications that may not be needed for all users, consuming storage space and system resources.

8. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an online editing platform that allows users to work on their videos, compress files, convert formats, and create professional-looking projects. There's no need for extensive technical skills or software installations.

However, if you need video editing software specifically for Windows, there is a desktop version available, too. Both online and offline versions are designed to be user-friendly and accessible, catering to both beginners and experienced video creators.

Editing tools:

  • Trimming and cutting;
  • Adding text and titles;
  • Applying filters and effects;
  • Cropping and resizing;
  • Adjusting colors and contrast;
  • Transitions;
  • Audio editing;
  • Speed adjustment;
  • Overlaying graphics and images;
  • Chroma key;
  • Voiceover recording;
  • Video stabilization;
  • Reverse playback;
  • Frame-by-frame editing.


  • Accessibility. This is primarily a browser-based platform, meaning you can access this video editor from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Stock media library. Users have access to a library of stock videos, audio tracks, and images, enabling them to enhance their projects with professional-quality content.
  • Format conversion. The program offers the ability to convert videos between different formats, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.
  • Templates and themes. It provides pre-made templates and themes for various types of videos, helping users create polished content quickly and easily.
  • Slideshow creation. You can easily create dynamic slideshows. This feature is particularly useful for creating photo montages, presentations, promotional videos, or personal projects like holiday recaps or event highlights.


  • Watermark in free plan. Utilizing premium features if you have a free plan will result in a watermark being added to the exported video. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to remove it.


Do these programs offer professional features like Final Cut Pro?
Yes, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Sony Vegas Pro are professional-grade video editing software available for Windows.
Are there any Windows alternatives that support collaboration features for team projects?
Yes, Adobe Premiere Pro offers collaboration features through its Creative Cloud services.
Can I import Final Cut Pro projects into Windows video editing software?
Most video editors for Windows do not directly support Final Cut Pro project files. However, you can typically export XML files from Final Cut Pro and import them into compatible programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve.
Do any Windows alternatives offer cloud-based storage?
Icecream Video Editor allows you to upload and share edited videos by URL. Adobe Premiere Pro offers cloud-based storage and collaboration features through Adobe Creative Cloud.
Do any Windows programs offer dedicated support for 360-degree editing like Final Cut Pro does?
Yes, Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve support 360-degree video editing on Windows.

Alternatives to Final Cut Pro: Conclusion

As you can see, the market of video editing software offers a variety of powerful options for Windows users. Each program comes with its own strengths and features to suit different needs and preferences.

From the professional capabilities of Adobe Premiere Pro to the user-friendly interface of Icecream Video Editor and the open-source flexibility of DaVinci Resolve, users have access to a diverse array of Final Cut Pro Windows alternatives that can meet their editing requirements without compromise.

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