How to convert VOB movie to AVI video format


Are you wondering how to convert VOB to AVI? Whether for compatibility, storage, or sharing purposes, this guide is specifically crafted to take you through the process step by step.

AVI trumps many other formats with its universal compatibility and ability to deliver high-quality videos. Its broad support across multiple platforms ensures smooth playback. Additionally, the high quality of AVI files, even when compressed, makes AVI a practical choice for various uses.

What is VOB?

VOB (Video Object) is the core format for DVD media. It contains both video and audio data, along with subtitles and additional materials. Despite being highly flexible, this format does have compatibility issues with numerous media players and devices.

What is AVI?

Conversely, AVI video format (Audio Video Interleave), developed by Microsoft, has broad compatibility, supports audio and video stream synchronization, and delivers high-quality output. Therefore, this format becomes an excellent choice for several digital applications.

How to Convert VOB to AVI?

Why convert VOB to AVI?

  • Understanding how to save VOB files in the AVI format empowers you to access your favorite movies and shows on different devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In addition, the transformation of VOB to AVI reduces the size of the DVD file, making it effortless to share and upload online.

To convert VOB to AVI format you would need to use an online or desktop video file converter for Windows or Mac. Today, we will explain how to perform the conversion and view the VOB file with the help of Icecream Video Converter. This is a reliable software designed to switch between various formats almost effortlessly.

Apart from the mentioned formats, the program supports MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, MP3, WAV, and many more. Icecream Video Converter also offers features such as batch conversion and provides an intuitive interface, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

See the detailed instruction for using the app below.

1. Download and install VOB to AVI converter

Firstly, download the free video converter for PC. Open the EXE file.

At the last stage of installation, the wizard will offer you to launch the software immediately.

Software installed

2. Add your VOB files

Click "Add File" to upload your VOB video(s) into the video file converter.

Add VOB files

Alternatively, you can add all the files from your folder using the drag-and-drop mechanism.

Drag and drop VOB files

3. Choose AVI as the output format

Once the VOB files are uploaded, select "AVI" from the list of formats. This specifies the output format of your videos.

Set AVI format

In addition to that, you can select the AVI preset for bulk conversion.

Set AVI format for bulk conversion

4. Employ additional tools

Icecream Video Converter comes well-equipped with a suite of additional tools. After importing all the video files into the video converter, you can add a custom watermark or subtitle file for your movie and trim the length of the video to fit any requirements.

5. Tweak video quality and resolution

Another advantage of this video file converter is the option to adjust the quality and resolution. This gives you more control over the output video's appearance and file size.

Please note that selection a higher video quality and resolution will result in a longer conversion times.

6. Initiate the conversion process

Once your settings are fine-tuned, select the folder for your resulting video. Hit the "Convert" button to start the processing. After the conversion is finished, all the files can be found in the folder selected in the previous step or by opening the "History" tab.

Convert VOB to AVI

Congratulations! You can now open your AVI video in the desired media player.

How to convert VOB to AVI: FAQs

1. Will the conversion from VOB to AVI decrease video quality?
The quality of the converted video may differ depending on the settings used during the conversion process. It's recommended to use a high-quality conversion software and adjust settings to maintain optimal video quality.
2. Are there any copyright issues when converting VOB to AVI?
Converting VOB files for personal use or backup purposes is generally allowed. However, distributing copyrighted content without permission is illegal, so be mindful of laws when converting and sharing video files.
3. How long does it take to convert a VOB file to AVI?
The duration of the conversion process depends on various factors. These include the size and length of the video, as well as the specifications of your computer hardware.
4. Can I play AVI files on my Mac after converting from VOB?
Yes, you can watch AVI files on a Mac using the VLC media player or other compatible software that supports the AVI format.
5. Is there a difference between VOB and AVI in terms of file size?
Generally, AVI files tend to be smaller in size compared to VOB video, as AVI uses more efficient compression methods. However, the actual file size may vary depending on factors such as video length, resolution, and bitrate.
6. Is it possible to make changes to the AVI file that was converted from VOB?
Yes, you can modify the converted AVI file using various video editing software options available. The majority of desktop and online video editors support the AVI format, enabling you to make desired edits or enhancements.

Final words

In conclusion, using Icecream Video Converter to transform VOB files to AVI renders the process effortless. With its wide range of features, from adjusting video quality to adding personal touches through watermarks and subtitles, this free video conversion software proves to be a valuable asset in your multimedia production toolkit.

Choosing AVI as your format of choice ensures broad compatibility and superior quality, essential attributes in today's digital era.

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