How to Convert AVI Video to Video or Audio


Converting AVI videos may seem like a technical task suitable for IT experts, but with the right free video converter, anyone can do it! So, why do you need to convert AVI videos?

AVI is a video format that contains both video and audio within the same file. Although it gives you a smooth playback and good quality, sometimes certain devices may fail to play them for some reason.

One may want to convert AVI video file to MP4 to save some space on the hard drive.

Or convert AVI to MP3 to add the audio to your new video. Whatever the reason is, Icecream Video Converter is the answer to your conversion prayers.

This video converter for Windows stands out from the crowd due to its user friendly interface and a wide variety of suggested input and output formats. If you want to convert AVI videos to other video or audio formats (AVI to MP4, for instance), check out the tutorial to get a better idea of how it works.

Introducing Formats

For those less familiar with video and audio file types, let us introduce the primary formats discussed in this article - MP4 and MP3.

What is MP4 file?

MP4 (Moving Picture Expert Group 4) is a versatile multimedia format, compatible with most platforms and devices, suitable for streaming, and has great video quality even at low sizes. This makes it a popular choice for converting AVI to video.

What is MP3

Additionally, MP3 is a compact audio file format highly revered for its compression capabilities which retains sound integrity. It's perfect for those wanting to extract audio from AVI files.

Our free video converter supports various output video and audio formats. Find more information about this below.

How to convert AVI video to MP4 format

1. Download and install program

First off, download video converter for PC from our website. Double click on the installation file to initiate the process. You can fully rely on the wizard’s guidelines to complete the installation successfully. Once it’s done, launch the application to go to the actual conversion.

2. Add AVI file

Click the “Add file” button to open the file explorer and find the file(s). Alternatively, you can select all the video files and drop them directly to the program's interface.

Once the files are imported to the AVI to MP4 converter, feel free to proceed with the next step.

3. Configure output file settings

  • Convert To. Select the “MP4” format option in the “Convert To” in the convert to menu. You can also select one of the AVI to MP4 presets available in the bottom left corner of the video conversion software.
  • Choose quality. The last step to take is quality choice. “High” quality is a default option that allows you to achieve the perfect balance between the video quality and size of the output file. Other quality types suggest gradual decrease of the quality that make the output file smaller in size.
  • Choose video resolution. Choose the desired option from the drop down menu. Alternatively, the video resolution can be applied to all the file in AVI to MP4 conversion queue from by the selected preset.
  • Use additional tools. Moreover, the software has additional features like Trimming, Adding SRT subtitles and the ability to add both Text/Image watermarks, providing you with all the necessary tools to enhance your media files.

4. Start AVI conversion

Press the “Convert” button in the right to the file to convert a single file.

The video format converter allows you to queue several files at a time and convert them all at once. To queue videos, import the files first, tweak the settings and press the “Convert” button at the bottom right.

You can see progress bars and status messages for each item and pause the process at any moment by clicking on the “Pause” button in front of the item. Typically, the conversion takes 10-30 seconds for short videos. When you will see the window saying that conversion has been completed, you can check the files by pressing the “Folder” icon.

How to convert AVI video to MP3

The whole process is similar to the previous guide, however there still some differences. We'll skip the first step of downloading and installing the video conversion software because we'll assume you already have a video to MP3 converter installed on your device.

1. Add your AVI files

Add the file one by one from your folders or select all at one and drop them to the video to audio converter.

2. Select the format

Select the MP3 format from the "Convert to" menu or use one of the presets available.

3. Additional settings

Selecting the audio quality is not available for AVI to MP3 conversion and free video converter will use the source audio data. However, while selecting a preset, you can apply a particular kbps value to the output data.

4. Start the conversion

Once all is set, simply press one of the "Convert" buttons available to launch the process. After a short wait, all the files will be converted and are ready to be used.

You can locate all the converted files in the History tab.

Why convert AVI to MP4 and MP3

Both MP4 and MP3 are great options for conversions with the Icecream Video Converter. For instance, an AVI video can be transformed into MP4 for re-uploading to social media or sharing with friends via smartphones. Similarly, AVI to MP3 conversion can produce a podcast episode or a standalone audio track for personal enjoyment or professional use.

Other formats supported

Icecream Video Converter also supports a variety of other video and audio formats, including MOV, MKV, WEBM, MPEG, WAV, M4A, and WMA. These formats cater to diverse user needs and ensure compatibility with various media players and devices. Find more information in the table below.

FormatFull Format NameDeveloperCodecsOriginal Purpose of the Format
MOVQuickTime MovieAppleMPEG-4, H.264, H.263, etcMultimedia development (animation, 3D, video, etc)
MKVMatroska Multimedia ContainerCoreCodec, Inc.AnyMultimedia playback
WEBMWebMGoogleVP8, VP9, Opus, VorbisWeb video streaming
MPEGMoving Picture Experts GroupISO/IECMPEG-1, MPEG-2Audio and Video Compression
WAVWaveform Audio File FormatIBM and MicrosoftPCM, DPCM, ADPCMHigh-quality audio storage
M4AMPEG-4 Audio LayerAppleAAC, ALACHigh-quality audio storage with smaller file size
WMAWindows Media AudioMicrosoftWMA, WMA Pro, WMA Lossless, WMA VoiceHigh-quality audio for Windows Media Player

How to convert AVI to MP4 and MP3 - Conclusion

Converting AVI to MP4 and MP3 formats shouldn't be difficult! With the Icecream Video Converter, you can transform your AVI files into universally accepted formats, enhancing accessibility and convenience. Whether you're a videography enthusiast or just need to make a file compatible, this free video converter for Windows has got you covered!

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