How to convert WMV to AVI on Windows PC


The contemporary media environment offers a vast array of options, but this diversity can also lead to compatibility issues, especially when dealing with various file formats. One common challenge is converting WMV files to AVI format.

This article will explain how to convert WMV to AVI and provide you with helpful tips and tool recommendation for a hassle-free video conversion experience.

Whether you're a content creator, a tech enthusiast, or simply looking to expand your media capabilities, understanding how to use a free video converter can be a valuable skill in your digital toolbox.

1. Download and install the video converter

Start by downloading the free video converting software for PC. Run the file and adhere to the on-screen prompts to seamlessly install this application.

2. Upload WMV video files

Launch the WMV to AVI converter. Within its user-friendly interface, locate and click the "Add file" button to upload the WMV file(s) you intend to convert.

Step 2 Convert WMV to AVI

Alternatively, you can drag and drop all the necessary files directly into the program's working window.

Convert WMV to AVI 4

3. Configure the video conversion settings

You can modify the resolution and quality settings for the resulting video. Opting for higher resolution and quality enhances the clarity of the footage, albeit at the expense of increased storage space usage.

Step 3 Convert WMV to AVI

If the video length exceeds your desired duration, you have the option to trim it to your preferred length.

Convert WMV to AVI Trim

Icecream Video Converter also offers a range of additional features:

  • Subtitle Inclusion. Add subtitle files into your output video if available.
  • Original Audio. Opt out of retaining the original video's audio by deselecting the "Audio" option.
  • Watermark Addition. Customize your video by adding a personalized watermark for identification or branding purposes.
Convert WMV to AVI Options

4. Select the output video format

Choose the AVI format either from the dropdown menu or utilize the available presets.

5. Start WMV to AVI conversion

After configuring all the video conversion settings, simply click the "Convert" button. The duration of the process will vary depending on the file size and your PC's processing power.

Once the video conversion is complete, you can access the resulting file by clicking the "Open Folder" button in the "Queue" tab. Alternatively, locate it in the "History" section.

Why choose AVI

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. It's a multimedia container format developed by Microsoft.

Opting for AVI as your preferred output format offers several advantages. These files typically provide superior audio-visual quality and boast compatibility with a broader array of devices and applications compared to other formats.

This format supports multiple codecs and can contain both audio and video data, making it a versatile choice for storing various types of media. Although these files may be larger in size compared to WMV, their quality makes the extra storage space worthwhile.

Overall, choosing AVI ensures high-quality, compatibility, versatility, editing flexibility, and long-term usability for your video content.

How to convert WMV to AVI - Conclusion

Using Icecream Video Converter streamlines the conversion of WMV files to AVI, ensuring seamless transitions while maintaining quality. This versatile video conversion software not only simplifies the entire process, but also offers additional features to enhance the viewing experience.

Remember, however, that it's important to comply with copyright laws when you convert videos to ensure legal compliance.

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