How to Record Webcam Video: 6 Ways


Being familiar with webcam recording can be beneficial in a variety of contexts. Today, you can hardly find a person who doesn't use a webcam for work, study, or communication with relatives and friends.

Whether you're a YouTuber who wants to create high-quality content for your channel, or a teacher who needs to record lectures for online classes, having a good webcam video recorder is a must.

This article will provide you 6 solutions to how to record a webcam video.

how we test products

How we picked web camera video recorders

To come up with the top 5 screen and webcam recorders, we considered several criteria:

  • Availability of a free version;
  • The quality of the webcam recording;
  • Compatibility with different operating systems;
  • The ease of use;
  • Additional functionality, when applied.

Based on that and the reviews from customers, we came up with the digest of the best tools for webcam video capture.

Webcam recorders: summary table

Program OS Key features Rating
Icecream Screen Recorder
Multiple output formats, customizable recording settings
Zoom Clips
Intuitive interface, editing capabilities
Easy to share, ability to add comments
Online recording, stock elements to incorporate into the video
EaseUS RecExperts
High quality recording (depends on your camera)
Online recording, no registration needed

Option 1: Icecream Screen Recorder

Sometimes it is important to record webcam video or to add a camera window while recording videos like gameplays, tutorials, etc. Icecream Screen Recorder is a reliable program to do that.

The program's interface is user-friendly and offers excellent features that make it the perfect choice for anyone interested in saving their webcam footage. You can take a video of yourself in just a couple of easy steps.

Here's a comprehensive walk-through to get you started:

  1. Download and install the free webcam recorder for Windows. Launch the program.
  2. Open the "Settings" panel of the webcam recording software and proceed to the "Webcam" tab. Choose the shape for the style of the camera - square, circle, etc).
  3. Choose the output format and quality. Click the Webcam icon to bring your camera's capture. Scale to the desired size.
  4. Hit "Capture video" and select the screen area to be recorded. In the new window, click "Webcam On".
  5. Tap "Record" to initiate capturing your webcam video. You can stop recording at any time by pressing the "Pause/Resume" button.
  6. Once you have finished, click "Stop Recording" to save your video file.
Icecream Screen Recorder - record web camera


  • Easy-to-use interface. The intuitive UI is easy to navigate, making it a great choice even for beginners or those who don't want to spend time learning how to use complicated software.
  • Wide range of features. Additional functionality includes real-time editing, audio recording, advanced annotation tools, screenshot capturing, and more.
  • Supports multiple formats. Exporting the resulting file is possible in MP4, AVI, WebM, and MOV, which provides flexibility in choosing the most suitable one.
  • Cross-platform program. The webcam recorder is available for Windows and Mac operating systems and can be used on both desktop and laptop computers.
  • Free version. If you don't need all of the advanced features or do not record long videos, the free version will be sufficient without having to upgrade.

Overall, the Icecream Screen Recorder offers a great solution for those seeking to record their webcam videos quickly and easily without the need to get complicated and expensive software.

Option 2: Zoom Clips

Many users have learned a life hack on how to take a video of the web camera with Zoom. They used to begin a meeting just by themselves and use it as a webcam recorder. However, recently the developers of the popular online conferencing platform presented a new feature - Zoom Clips.

This tool allows users to record their webcam and screen without the need to start a meeting. It works just like any other recorder and even allows you to make edits to the videos right through the platform.

Below is the guide on how to use it:

  1. To start, you'll need to create a Zoom account if you don't have it. Download the app and complete the registration process.
  2. Open the program. On the left top toolbar panel, locate "Clips".
  3. There, find the "Create clip" button.
  4. In the new window, adjust the recording settings: choose the microphone input, the web camera, and the resolution. There are also advanced settings if needed. Click the Camera icon to test the video.
  5. Whenever you are ready, hit "Start Recording".
  6. After the countdown, the recording will begin. Record your webcam. Pause your video if needed with the corresponding button.
  7. Once done, hit "Finish" to save your recording.
Zoom Clips - camera video recorder


  • Easy setup and use. Plus, many are familiar with the platform already.
  • Ability to record webcam video, and audio, and capture screen activity.
  • Ability to edit the recorded video within the app.
  • Recordings can be shared easily via links or email attachments.


  • Free accounts have a restricted capacity of cloud memory accessible for recordings.

In summary, utilizing Zoom Clips as a webcam video recorder is an excellent way to document content from the camera or any other type of video narration. With its wide range of features, it's no wonder why it is such a popular choice for video recording today!

Option 3: Loom

Another way to record your camera is to use Loom. Two-in-one, the app and online tool, is a perfect solution to capture educational video content. It's an easy-to-use and convenient tool that allows you to record, edit, and share videos quickly.

The utility offers a free version that provides basic features. You can add comments and notes to the finished recording, so your students can follow the course of the lecture in a smooth way.

Here is a step-by-step guide on documenting webcam activity with this app:

  1. Create an account on the program's website. To enable recording, download the desktop app or install the browser extension.
  2. Login into your account on the web and hit the "Record a video". It is located in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Check your camera. Turn it on if it's the program does not have permission to use your webcam yet.
  4. If you only need to capture your web camera, hover over the image circle and click the second icon from the right to make it full screen. When ready, click "Start recording".
  5. Once you have finished your webcam recording, press the red stop icon. You can also use the hotkey combination, for Mac it is Command + Shift + L; for Windows - Ctrl + Shift + L.
  6. To send your video to others, click the "Share" button.
How to record webcam with Loom


  • Edit captured videos. You can easily trim video, adjust audio, and add captions with the help of its built-in editor.
  • Share recordings with others. There is a range of ways to share content: via a link, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, or embed to a website.


  • Limited capacity. The basic plan only allows recording webcam videos of up to 5 min and storing up to 25 videos.
  • Limited features. Some features are only available in the paid plans, like downloading the recording as a video file.

Capturing short video content using Loom for webcam recording can be an effective method that eliminates the need for costly software solutions. With its simple and intuitive interface, it's a great choice for anyone looking to create and share video content quickly and easily.

Option 4: Canva

Everyone knows Canva as a design tool. However, did you know you can also use it as an online webcam recorder?

Utilizing this platform for webcam recordings is an effective method for creating professional-looking video content. It's easy to use, intuitive and offers an array of features to make your recordings look great.

Below, we will walk you through the steps of filming your webcam with this platform:

  1. Initially, you must register for a complimentary Canva account. Once you're logged in, select the option "Video".
  2. On the panel on the left, open the "Upload" tab. Pick "Record yourself".
  3. Once you've clicked this option, you'll be prompted to grant access to your webcam and microphone. Click "Allow" when the pop-up window appears. Change the shape of the webcam video if needed.
  4. Click on the red "Record" button and start talking or performing your action. When finished, hit "Done".
  5. Preview the video. If you're satisfied with how it looks, click "Save and exit".
  6. Resize the webcam recording to fill all the space of the slide. Complete other editing if needed. Click "Share" to download or upload the video to a social network.
Canva - free webcam recorder


  • Easy and intuitive to use. The platform is quite popular, so many users are familiar with its features.
  • Free account available. Even with free access, the app does not add a watermark to the final video.
  • Stock elements. You can supplement your webcam recording with animations or add images.


  • Limited editing options. You can only trim the recording, but there are no options to add a caption or otherwise alternate the video.
  • Free version limitations. Certain graphics elements require the Pro subscription.

All in all, Canva offers decent quality to take a video of yourself for creating digital content. Moreover, the stock images and videos will help you make your recording unique by adding engaging elements to your project.

Option 5: EaseUS RecExperts

Another desktop application that offers a quick and easy way to capture live video from your webcam is EaseUS RecExperts. The app is available for MacOS and Windows. The paid version also includes access through the web.

With this program, you can record web camera videos in high quality and save them on your computer for future use.

Here's how to use this camera video recorder:

  1. Visit the website, select the version that fits your system requirements, and follow the steps to complete the installation.
  2. Open the screen recorder and select the "Webcam" mode from its main interface.
  3. Next, adjust the recording settings according to your needs. You can choose the video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, and audio source for recording. Additionally, you can also enable mouse effects and annotations while recording if needed.
  4. Once all of the settings are adjusted, hit "Rec" to begin recording from your webcam.
  5. When you are done recording, click on the "Stop" button to finish and store your video file on your computer.
EaseUS RecExperts - webcam video capture


  • Customized settings. The possibility of setting personalized configurations before beginning a recording session.
  • High quality. The ability to record footage in HD quality with adjustable frame rate
  • Video editing. You can trim your recording or extract audio from the video.


  • Limitations apply. The free version recording is limited to 15 minutes.
  • Watermark added. With free access, the webcam recording is exported with a watermark.

Overall, EaseUS RecExperts offers excellent capabilities to record a video with a webcam thanks to its intuitive user interface with plenty of options for customization. However, keep in mind that for advanced features, you will have to commit to a paid version, which may seem costly to some users.

Option 6:

Do you need a quick way to film yourself but don't want to install a new app or register with a new platform? is a free online service that provides the capacity to record video from your webcam without any additional actions. All you need is to go to the website and start recording.

Read below how to use this online webcam recorder:

  1. Go to website and allow it to access your web camera and microphone.
  2. Adjust the filming settings by clicking the gear icon. You can pick the microphone and camera to use if you have multiple, set the quality, and choose the mirror mode for your recording.
  3. Tap the red circled button to start recording. You can also make it full-screen with the corresponding icon (the one in the bottom right corner of the video box).
  4. Once you are finished, click the squared stop button.
  5. Your recording will be saved automatically in the cloud storage, and you hit the "Save" button to download it to your computer.
Online webcam video recorder


  • Fast and easy. It is effortless to utilize and does not necessitate any download or registration for taking webcam videos.
  • Sufficient free access. The free usage limit is 45 minutes, which is quite good compared to other free recorders.


  • No editing capabilities. If you desire to edit your recordings you will need to use a different program or app for that purpose.
  • Internet dependency. Since it is an online tool, the recording rendering will be fully based on how stable your connection is.

In general, if you need a simple and fast way to turn on webcam recording, can serve as your primary or backup tool. It offers a pretty long recording time for free and has no specific requirements as to what device you have to use it on.

How do I test my webcam?

Testing a webcam is an important step in making sure it works properly before you begin recording your content.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Make sure your camera is plugged in and the driver is installed.
  • Open the webcam settings on your computer. See the preview and customize the settings.
  • Check whether the image is clear and in focus. If not, adjust the focus wheel on the lens until it's sharp.
  • Move around and make sure the camera is tracking you correctly.
  • Set the brightness and contrast for a clearer picture.
  • Talk or make noises while looking at the screen to ensure that your microphone is connected correctly and working properly.

Once you've tested your camera, you're set to run the webcam video recorder.

Editing and post-processing

  1. Choose a video editor. Select a video editing software that meets your needs and proficiency level. Popular options include Icecream Video Editor, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, DaVinci Resolve, and Filmora.
  2. Organize your footage. Import your webcam recording footage into the editing software and organize it into manageable clips. Create folders or bins to categorize your media assets for easy access.
  3. Cut unwanted parts. Review your video recording and identify sections that are bloopers. Cut these segments out to streamline the content and maintain viewer engagement.
  4. Enhance visuals. Experiment with visual effects, add transitions between clips, apply color correction to improve the overall look, and use filters or overlays to add creative flair.
  5. Adjust audio levels. Ensure that the audio is clear and balanced. Adjust the volume levels of different tracks to minimize background noise, enhance dialogue clarity, and maintain a consistent sound level throughout the recording.
  6. Add captions. Incorporate captions or text overlays to provide context, emphasize key points, or enhance accessibility for viewers. Choose fonts, colors, and styles that align with your branding or visual theme.


How do I set up a webcam for recording?
You'll need to plug in the webcam and install the necessary drivers. Then, download and open the screen and webcam recorder and select the camera as your video source.
How do I adjust my webcam's settings?
Some adjustments, like brightness, can be made through the settings of your computer. Many recording software allow adjusting of resolution, frame rate, and other video settings.
Can I record audio and video together?
Yes, a majority of recording applications allow the capturing of both audio and video concurrently.
What type of file formats can I save my videos in?
Most recording software supports popular file formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc. However, if the default format is not what you need, you can always convert your video to the desired format.
What are some common problems with recording webcams?
Common issues include poor quality audio/video, choppy or distorted playback, laggy recordings due to a slow internet connection, or blurry footage due to low-resolution settings.
How do I fix poor-quality recordings?
Increase your resolution and frame rate settings if possible; use headphones; check for distractions like background noise; make sure your internet connection is stable; and optimize your computer's performance by closing unnecessary programs or browser tabs while recording.
How do I edit videos recorded by my webcam?
Most recording programs have built-in editing tools that allow you to trim clips, add effects/transitions, overlay text/graphics, etc. However, you can always use a separate [/learn/best-free-video-editing-software.html) to further customize your recordings.

Tips on how to record the webcam

  1. Check the sound and video parameters. Before you start recording, make sure your audio and video settings are correct to ensure the best quality.
  2. Position your webcam at eye level for a more natural view. Make sure it has enough light so you don't appear too dark on screen.
  3. Check your background and make sure it's neat and free of clutter.
  4. Prepare a script if you plan on talking during the recording, to prevent any awkward pauses or stammering.
  5. Practice speaking clearly and enunciate each word well to ensure everyone can understand what you are saying.
  6. Record multiple takes and pick the one that looks and sounds best for the final product.
  7. Minimize distractions, like turning off notifications or putting your phone on silent before you begin recording to avoid any interruptions or background noise.
  8. Check for echo by testing out different settings or using headphones with a built-in microphone when recording in an enclosed space to reduce echo in the recordings.
  9. Export in an appropriate format such as MOV, MP4, or AVI once the recording is complete to ensure the video looks good when shared online or played back on other devices.


In conclusion, knowing how to properly record video with a webcam can be great for creating content for your website, social media, or blog.

Nevertheless, certain points should be taken into account when doing so. Make sure you have the right software and hardware before getting started, and ensure that your space is well-lit and free of clutter. Be mindful of background noises and how the camera angle might appear on screen.

Above all, remember to have fun with it – recording webcams can be a rewarding experience.

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