How to Record Zoom Meeting in 2024


Zoom is a leading virtual conferencing app that comes with a built-in meeting recorder. Often you find that the recorder is disabled on your end, especially if you’re a participant. In such a situation, if you’re wondering how to record a Zoom meeting, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce to you various desktop screen recorders, web applications, and tools that empower you to effortlessly capture Zoom meetings. Also, we’ll explain the key features, steps, and tips for using such apps and tools to record calls as a host or as a participant.

Reasons to Record Zoom Meeting

Here’s why you might want to record a meeting as a participant or host:

  1. To record important discussions, decisions, and information for future reference.
  2. You can often explore more insights from virtual meetings when you replay the session in your own free time.
  3. Share the recorded video conference or training with participants who couldn’t join the session on time.
  4. You can edit the recorded video to publish on the company website, YouTube, blogs, professional communities, etc.
  5. If you’re interviewing a VIP for your blog or YouTube channel, you can replay the recorded content multiple times to create your own content. Also, you can extract small clips from the video and add them to your own text or blogs.
  6. Many businesses record all virtual meetings for audit purposes.

Now, find below the best apps and tools you can use to record screen on various devices.

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

One of the best and No. 1 in this Zoom meeting recorder apps run down is the Icecream Screen Recorder software. It’s a free Windows application for Zoom call recording silently without interrupting the video conferencing or the participants in it.

Not just Zoom calls, you can also record audio and video calls on WhatsApp, or any other online video conferencing platforms. It works like a Windows-native desktop recorder so you can record almost anything that runs on the PC screen.

Icecream screen recorder UI.

Best Features

  • Captures multiple monitors on your PC
  • Selective and full-screen recording
  • Trim the video or change the playback speed
  • Annotate video when being recorded with texts, shapes, bullets, etc.
  • Share the video by creating shareable links from Icecream Apps secure servers
  • Windows 10 and 11 ready


  • Most of the cool features are available for free
  • Ultra-light Windows app that doesn’t slow down your PC
  • Easily runs in the background and captures graphic incentive sessions
  • You can schedule your screen recording jobs and it will start capturing automatically when you’re on a Zoom call
  • Record meeting without disturbing the participants


  • The Mac version is yet to be released

How to Record Zoom Meeting

Here’s how to record a Zoom meeting on Icecream Screen Recorder:

  1. Click Free Download to instantly get the app on your PC. Get the app
  2. Open the downloaded file and click Run to start the installation process. Run Icecream screen recorder installer.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions on the installer to complete the installation.
  4. Run the Icecream Screen Recorder app from the Desktop or Start menu.
  5. Now, click the Capture Video button on the app and select a screen area that you’d like to record. selecting an area for recording Icecream Screen Recorder.
  6. Click the red Rec button on the Icecream Screen Recorder toolbar to start recording your Zoom call. Icecream screen recorder toolbar.

Download: Windows

2. Video Candy

Video Candy is an online tool to record Zoom calls effortlessly. If you don’t want to set up an app on your PC or need to occasionally record Zoom video meetings, this is the perfect web app you must have.

Video Candy.

Best Features

  • Capture system microphone, webcam, and audio
  • Runs on internet browsers like Mozilla and Chrome
  • Capture anything running on your Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux systems
  • Comes with a free video editor for further refinements of the recorded Zoom calls
  • Selective recording


  • Completely free web app for any personal or business purpose Zoom call recording
  • Quickly renders the captured session into a downloadable video file
  • Highly secured online app and file server
  • The final recorded file size is truly small with awesome quality
  • Prior experience isn’t needed to use the tool


  • The tool is just flawless

How to Record Zoom Meeting

Find below how to record a Zoom meeting on this web app:

  1. When you’re on a Zoom video meeting, visit the home page and select the screen recorder.
  2. Click the Start Recording button.
  3. On the Share With Video Candy dialog box, click Window. Video candy share window.
  4. Choose the Zoom meeting window.
  5. Click Share to start the recording.

Video Candy will only capture what’s going on in the Zoom meeting window. You can surf the web, browse your PC, work on other apps, and so on. This free online screen recorder won’t capture those.

3. Zoom Record

Zoom record is the built-in feature of the Zoom app for meeting recording. However, it comes with limited features like the following:

  • Only hosts can record the meeting
  • All the participants will get an audio-visual notification when the recording begins
  • Local recording only for free Zoom plan users
  • Cloud recording requires a paid subscription to Zoom
  • Recorded file isn't convenient for online sharing because of its huge size
  • It doesn’t offer any recorded meeting editing tools
  • Uploading recorded content on third-party cloud storage is a risky step on Zoom
Zoom recorder.

Local Recording

  1. Start a Zoom video meeting.
  2. Click the Record button or press Alt + R when on the Zoom meeting. Zoom record button.
  3. Recording will start.
  4. End the meeting to find the recorded file in a Zoom folder in Documents.

Cloud Recording

  1. Initiate a Zoom video call.
  2. Click the Record button to get Local and Cloud Recording options.
  3. Click Cloud Recording.
  4. Once the meeting is over, Zoom will upload the file to its cloud servers and generate a link for downloading or sharing.

4. Xbox Game Bar

It comes as a built-in tool with Windows 10 and 11 PCs. You need to press the Windows + G keys to launch the tool. It enables you to record the whole screen. If you put the Zoom meeting in the recording area, it’ll capture the video meeting.

Xbox Game Bar screen recording.

Best Features

  • It's a Windows widget app, no setup is required
  • A Capture widget for recording, screenshot capturing, and mic muting
  • A Performance widget to show PC vitals


  • It’s a free screen recorder


  • The user interface is cluttered
  • Video editing functionalities are absent
  • Steep learning curve

Download: Windows

5. Screenshot Toolbar on Mac

On Macbooks and iMacs, you can use the Screenshot Toolbar to capture Zoom video calls for free. Using the tool is also simple and intuitive. Just press the Shift + Command + 5 keys on the keyboard simultaneously to launch the toolbar.

Then, you can use two different types of screen recording features. One is window capturing and another is selective recording. Choose and hit Capture to get started.

Screenshot Toolbar on Mac.

Best Features

  • It’s a native macOS feature
  • Doesn’t bloat your Mac
  • Captures system video, sound, external webcam and microphones


  • It’s a free tool for personal and commercial usage
  • Easy to launch and use
  • Captured video shows up on the home screen


  • There are no advanced screen recording features
  • You can’t schedule Zoom call recording tasks
  • Not highly productive
  • It can reduce system performance by saving large videos on the home screen

Download: Mac (Built-in app)

6. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a popular video recording app for gameplay broadcasting. Since it captures the screen of a computer, you can also use it for Zoom video meeting recording purposes. You can use the OBS Studio editor to customize the recorded video and save it as an MP4 file.

OBS Studio zoom recording.

Best Features

  • Lightweight video recorder and broadcaster
  • Live stream Zoom meetings as webinars on YouTube or Twitch


  • Freeware software for personal and commercial use
  • Open source code enables you to custom-develop functionalities


  • Steep learning curve
  • Setting up requires considerable time
  • Complicated user interface

Download: Windows, macOS, and Linux

7. Control Center for iPhone and iPad

If you’re attending a Zoom call on an iPhone or iPad, effortlessly record the session using the Screen Recorder feature on iOS Control Center. If it’s not in the Control Center panel by default, you can activate it from Settings > Control Center > Screen Recorder and switch the slider.

Control Center for iPhone and iPad.

Best Features

  • iOS native screen recording
  • Quickly record Zoom calls without alerting the participants
  • Installation not needed


  • It’s a free service already included in your iPhone or iPad


  • You can’t set the recording area manually
  • Lacks video editing functionalities
  • Video annotation isn’t available

Download: iOS (Built-in app)

8. Screen Recorder - XRecorder (Android)

If you’re on an Android mobile or tablet and thing how to record a Zoom meeting, you must possess a paid Zoom plan. If you don’t have a Zoom subscription or it’s just a one-off thing, try the XRecorder screen recording app on your smartphone.

XRecorder home screen.

Best Features

  • Floating screen recorder button
  • Lag-free video recording
  • Internal audio recording


  • Trim recorded video
  • Control playback speed


  • Annotating functionalities not available
  • Missing advanced video editing

Download: Google Play

9. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is the native multimedia player and video recorder app for Macbooks and iMac. It can also utilize the built-in Screenshot Toolbar to record the Mac windows, including Zoom screen capture.

You can launch QuickTime Player from the Dock. Click File on the Mac toolbar and choose New Screen Recording. That’s it! Select a screen area or the whole screen and start capturing important Zoom calls with ease.

QuickTime Player screen recorder.

Best Features

  • Native macOS interface so the app is familiar to you if you’re a Mac user
  • It can record a selective screen or the entire screen
  • Set timers like 5 and 10 seconds


  • It's a free tool on macOS
  • You can use content produced for personal and commercial use
  • It can show mouse cursor clicks


  • It doesn’t offer video annotation features
  • There are no video editing functionalities either
  • Saves recorded content on the home screen
  • Output video files are huge and not suitable for online sharing

Download: Windows | Mac (Built-in app)

10. VLC Media Player

The most popular multimedia player VLC Media Player also allows you to capture Zoom video meetings silently without alerting the attendees. Also, you don’t need expressive permission from the host.

Record Zoom meeting using VLC.

Best Features

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux native user interface
  • Captures the whole desktop screen and system sound


  • Free to use for personal and commercial purposes


  • Complicated steps to start the video meeting recording
  • Prior experience needed
  • Lacks video editing features

Download: Windows | macOS | Linux

11. ShareX

ShareX is another popular screen recording app with many productivity features. It's an open-source software so suitable for custom development according to your business’s requirements. Currently, it’s only available for Windows PCs.

Record Zoom calls using ShareX.

Best Features

  • Various screen recording types like scrolling, region, active window, etc.
  • Lightweight desktop software


  • Available as a freeware application
  • Includes basic annotation features


  • Setting up the tool requires time and effort
  • Steep learning curve
  • Complicated user interface

Download: Windows

12. Loom

You can also record Zoom video meetings without hosting them by using the Loom Screen Recorder tool. It works via web browser extensions on Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and Mac devices.

Loom screen recorder.

Best Features

  • Quick screen recording via Chrome or Mozilla add-ons
  • Record the webcam and screen at the same time
  • Shareable video links


  • Screen recorder available for free
  • No setup up needed


  • It could be risky to capture sensitive Zoom calls as the tool uploads videos to a remote server
  • No desktop apps, only web extension
  • Only 5 minutes of screen recording in the free version

Download: Windows

13. Movavi Screen Recorder

The Movavi screen recording tool allows you to record Zoom video meetings as well as your webcam. Also, you can choose to record system audio or add sound from a different microphone source. It must be installed on your Windows PC or Mac device before you can start recording meetings.

Zoom call recording Movavi.

Best Features

  • Draw engaging shapes on the video
  • Scheduled recording
  • Reduces noise from external microphones


  • Limited free trial


  • It’s heavy software and not suitable for average PCs
  • The free version offers a very limited Zoom video recording capacity

Download: Windows | macOS

14. Wondershare DemoCreator

Since DemoCreator enables you to capture anything on your Mac or Windows screen, you can also use this tool to record Zoom video meetings. Also, it doesn’t require that you get consent from the host to record the session.

Record zoom using DemoCreator.

Best Features

  • Record a Zoom call with system audio and video
  • Supports external microphone and webcam recording as well
  • Virtual camera support


  • Limited free usage


  • It's a loaded app so you need a high-performance PC to run it
  • It takes a long time to install
  • Makes the system unusable during installation
  • The user interface is super complicated

Download: Windows and macOS

Record Zoom Meeting: FAQs

Why can't I record in Zoom?
If you're encountering difficulties recording within the Zoom application, various factors could be contributing to this issue. Initially, only the host and co-hosts possess the default capability to record meetings. Additionally, certain Zoom plans may impose restrictions on recording functionality. Furthermore, corrupted installation files might impede seamless recording operations.
How do I convert the recording to MP3?
Once you’ve recorded a Zoom meeting, most apps would generate an MP4 file. If you want audio files only you can use any free MP4 to MP3 converters, like Icecream Video Converter, VLC Media Player, etc.
Can I record a Zoom meeting if I am not the host?
Yes, of course, you can record a meeting if you’re not the host or they didn’t grant you recording permissions. You just need to go to the Video Candy portal and start the recording process for free.
Does Zoom detect screen recording?
Zoom does not have a built-in feature to detect screen capturing. However, participants may notice indicators like a highlighted border around shared screens. Hosts can monitor and manage screen sharing within the meeting.
Are Zoom recordings encrypted?
Only if the meeting is held using end-to-end encryption (E2EE).


Knowing how to record Zoom meetings is an indispensable skill if you work in a remote and hybrid position. In such a role, you often attend video conferencing of employees or clients, and keeping a recorded copy could come in handy in the future.

If you often connect with friends and family members overseas on Zoom video meetings, you could record those sessions as memorabilia.

So, give the above methods a try to record Zoom meetings, sit back, attend the meeting, and relax. Also, the best in the list are Icecream Screen Recorder as a desktop app and Video Candy as a web app.

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