How to Convert FLV Videos to AVI Format


If you're wondering how to convert your FLV files to versatile AVI format, Icecream Video Converter is an excellent solution.

This powerful yet user-friendly video file converter makes the process simple and efficient, ensuring your videos are ready for playback on a variety of devices and media players.

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to change the video format using the free video converter for Windows PC, highlighting its features and demonstrating how you can achieve high-quality results without spending a dime.

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Understanding the formats


FLV, or Flash Video, is a container file format developed by Adobe Systems. It is designed primarily for delivering video content over the internet using Adobe Flash Player.

  • Such files typically use codecs like VP6 or H.264 for video compression, which helps reduce the size while maintaining quality.
  • They are optimized for streaming, which is ideal for online video platforms. This allows for fast loading times and smooth playback over the internet.


AVI, or Audio Video Interleave, is a multimedia container format by Microsoft. It was created to store both video and audio data in a single file, allowing synchronized playback.

  • The format is known for maintaining high-quality audio and video, although it can result in larger file sizes.
  • AVI files are compatible with various media players, ensuring broad usability across different platforms.

Key differences

FLV is optimized for streaming over the internet, making it ideal for web applications. AVI is suitable for offline playback, video editing, and professional media production.

How to convert FLV to AVI

Switching between FLV and AVI formats may appear challenging, but it can be straightforward if you have the right tool. With Icecream Video Converter, changing FLV to AVI is a simple process for both novice and experienced users.

1. Download and install FLV to AVI converter

Download the free video converter for PC and install it by following the on-screen instructions. This is a versatile media converter that supports various input and output file formats for both video and audio.

Install FLV to AVI video converter for PC

2. Add FLV files

Import your FLV videos by clicking the "Add file" button. Alternatively, you can drag and drop all the clips directly into the program.

3. Choose the output format

In the "Convert to" menu, you can select the AVI format for each file individually. If you are converting several files in bulk, it will be easier to apply one of the AVI presets to all videos at once. You can find them in the lower left corner.

4. Use additional features

Other than conversion, the program also offers additional editing tools like trimming, adding SRT subtitles, and inserting both text and image watermarks.

Enhance video before FLV to AVI conversion

5. Convert FLV to AVI

Click on one of the two "Convert" buttons to begin the conversion process. The one next to the file preview will process only this video. The pink button in the lower right corner of the window will change all added FLV files to AVI format.

Once the conversion is finished, you can find your freshly transformed videos in the designated output directory or in the History tab.

In conclusion, converting FLV to AVI is a simple process that can be done with the help of the free video converter for PC. With this knowledge, you can easily switch between these two in-demand file types according to your needs.

Why choose AVI?

The AVI format offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for various applications, particularly those requiring high quality.

Here are some key reasons to pick it:

  • These files can store high-quality video and audio, making them ideal for professional editing. The format supports uncompressed video, which retains the original quality without loss due to compression.
  • Its widespread compatibility ensures that such files can be played on most devices without the need for additional software.
  • AVI supports a variety of codecs for both video and audio, allowing for flexibility in encoding. This makes it suitable for different types of content and purposes.
  • It can contain multiple streams, allowing for features such as multiple language tracks or different camera angles within a single file.

The format's versatility, ease of use, and ability to maintain synchronization make it an excellent choice for both professional and personal use.


Will converting FLV to AVI affect video quality?
It is mostly determined by the settings used. Make sure to choose high quality and resolution during conversion to get the best results.
How long does it take to convert files?
The conversion time depends on the file size, your computer's performance, and the settings used. It can range from a few seconds to several minutes.
What should I do if the converted AVI doesn’t have sound?
When you're converting the file, make sure the box next to "Audio" is checked. Otherwise, the program will automatically mute the resulting video.

How to convert FLV to AVI - Conclusion

In conclusion, changing FLV to AVI is a straightforward and cost-free process with the help of Icecream Video Converter. This user-friendly software simplifies the conversion process, allowing you to transform your FLV videos to versatile AVI format quickly and efficiently.

By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily enhance compatibility or prepare files for offline playback and editing.

Don't hesitate to try the program out – you'll be pleasantly surprised by its ease!

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