How to convert video files to iTunes


Many individuals often have the need to convert video to iTunes, an application used for downloading and managing video and audio content. Apple's iTunes supports a relatively small number of file formats for video and audio, limiting its user's ability to play content conveniently.

Thus, if you have some important video that you want to transfer to iTunes but it doesn’t fit for it, you can use Icecream Video Converter as iTunes video converter.

It's an easy-to-use and free video converter that can handle a wide array of file formats, allowing your videos and audio files to be compatible with iTunes. Use this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the program and successfully convert videos to iTunes for posterior transferring them.

Formats supported by iTunes

iTunes primarily supports MP4, MOV, and M4V video formats and MP3, M4A, AIFF, and WAV audio formats.

Icecream Video Converter's supported formats

Comparatively, video format converter boasts support for more formats. For video, it supports MP4, MOV, AVI, WEBM, MKV and MPEG - among others - and it can manipulate the audio formats MP3, M4A, and AIFF along with a few others. Therefore, you can convert files of the mentioned formats to an iTunes-friendly one.

How to convert video to iTunes

Converting videos or audio files to Apple-friendly formats is simple with Icecream Video Converter. Simply follow the instructions below.

1. Download and install the best video converter

To download video file converter for PC, press the “Download” button below and save the installation file. The program will start being installed immediately after running this file. Installation Wizard will aid you with the process and after that you are supposed to run the program and start working.

2. Add video or audio file

With Icecream Video Converter, you can easily convert both audio and video files to one format. Use the "Add file" button to select the files from your computer or simply drag and drop all the media to media file converter.

3. Configure output file settings

  • Select the output format. Since you already know which formats are supported, select the required one in the "Convert to" menu.
  • Use preset. There is no “iTunes” option in the preset list, but there is a list of supported Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. Choose your device or a suitable preset to a particular file or all files in the queue.
  • Select the output quality. If you need the audio to be of a particular resolution and quality you can simply adjust the video conversion using corresponding menus.

Pay attention to the fact that when choosing the preset, the quality of the file to be converted would automatically be selected as "High" to achieve perfect balance between the file size and video quality.

4. Start the video to iTunes conversion

To start converting your video, just pres the convert button in the right to the added video file. For bulk video conversion, use the button located in the bottom right of the video converter's interface.

When the process is finished, click on the “folder” icon to view the converted file in the specified folder. You can also view all the files in the History tab.

Choosing the Right Format

Selecting the best format depends largely on the user's need. For example, if the user wants to maintain video quality, MOV might be the best video format. However, if the goal is to save storage space, the MP4 format would be a better choice. Regardless of the chosen format, Icecream Video Converter simplifies the process and allows you to convert and transfer video to iTunes with ease.

How to convert video to iTunes - Conclusion

In conclusion, whether you're switching devices, trying to optimize storage, or simply want to play your favorite audio or video files on iTunes, Icecream Video Converter is your trusted ally. With a wide range of supported formats and additional tools, this software will undoubtedly streamline your digital media management.

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