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Deleting pages from a PDF can help keep the document organized. For instance, if a user has to send out different versions to two recipients, they can easily delete the irrelevant pages before sending the file. 

Having a tool to remove PDF pages is also helpful after combining multiple documents into one. Users can quickly delete duplicate pages or outdated content before merging them. 

Overall, having the ability to manage pages of PDFs is a critical capability for those regularly handling digital documents and brings many benefits. In this article, we share 5 methods of how to delete pages from PDF.

how we test products

How we picked PDF page removers

To compile this list, we searched for the most popular and easy-to-use tools and programs for working with PDF format

All the mentioned apps and websites provide an effortless way to delete unnecessary pages from a PDF file. They are free to use and suitable for handling an average-sized PDF document.

Each description contains a throughout instruction on how to use the PDF page remover as well as its advantages and disadvantages. 

By following these steps, you can promptly delete pages from your PDF file without any difficulty. So, start reading to learn how to delete those extra PDF pages and get rid of clutter in your documents without hassle!

Summary table

Program OS Price of PRO Rating
Icecream PDF Editor
Sejda Desktop

1. Icecream PDF Editor

Being adept at deleting pages from PDFs is an essential skill for individuals who often manage documents. It facilitates the rapid and effortless preparation of documents for sharing, printing, or archiving. 


Removing pages from PDFs can help reduce the size of a file, making it faster to upload or download. Furthermore, if a document contains sensitive or private information, users can delete those pages to ensure that no one else can access them. 


If you need to cut pages from a PDF, you can rely on the Icecream PDF Editor. It is a program that lets you view and edit PDFs, and you can also manage the pages of your documents.

Below, find a full tutorial on how to delete pages from PDFs using this PDF editor.

Step 1. Download Icecream PDF Editor from our website and complete the setup process. Open the program and import the PDF document you need to delete pages from.

Step 2. Choose the “Manage Pages” mode. Drag and drop the file right into the window or use the "Open..." button.

Step 3. To eliminate a single page, simply select it and hit “Delete”.

  • To select additional pages in random order, hold the CTRL key and click the thumbnails to add them one by one.
  • To select a sequence of pages, hold the SHIFT key and click the thumbnails of the first and the last page.

*Note: if you delete pages from PDF by accident, you can always reverse the action. Either press the CTRL+Z hotkey undo combination or click the "Undo" arrow icon at the top of the program's window.

Step 4. When all the changes are applied, select the "Save" option in the "File" menu to save the document, or simply press CTRL+S.


  • Free PDF editor for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.
  • Intuitive interface that is suitable for both beginners and experienced users of digital documents.
  • Offers 4 modes to edit PDF, annotate PDF, manage pages, and fill in forms. 
  • Included features to edit PDF text, add images, etc.

2. Preview

If you need a straightforward yet efficient way to delete pages from PDF on a MacOS, Preview is the ideal solution.

The app is free, comes with all Mac computers, and is user-friendly. Using it, you can quickly and easily remove unwanted pages from PDFs without any extra software. 

Here are the instructions on how to delete PDF pages with this program:

Step 1. Open the PDF file in the app by double-clicking it (if it is your default PDF viewer) or dragging the file. 

Step 2. In the "View" menu, click the "Thumbnails" so you can see all of the pages in your document. 

Step 3. Keep the Command key pressed and click on each page that you want to eliminate from your PDF. You can also click and drag to select various pages. 

Step 4. Pick a page to remove and hit the Delete key. To delete several, you will have to press Delete for each of those pages. 

Step 5. You're done! Your PDF now has fewer pages. And you don't have to install any additional programs or purchase a subscription service to make it happen. 


  • You can delete PDF pages quickly and easily without needing to learn how to use complicated software. 
  • You don't need to worry about getting viruses since it is a built-in tool. 
  • Apart from managing PDF pages, the program also serves as an image editor.


  • To delete multiple PDF pages, you have to go one by one.
  • The changes are applied to the original file the right way. Hence, you need to duplicate it before deleting pages if you wish to keep both versions.

3. Sejda Desktop

If you use different devices, like a Macbook at home and a Windows PC at work, you can delete pages from PDFs with Sejda Desktop. It supports both operating systems and has a web version, making it a cross-platform app.

The program also offers an all-in-one PDF editor that enables you to quickly and easily pluck pages from a PDF document. 

Here's how it works as a PDF page remover:

Step 1. Download and install the app on your computer. 

Step 2. Open the program and go to the tab “Delete Pages”. Add the PDF file that you want to delete pages from with the “Choose PDF files” button or by dragging and dropping it into the window.

Step 3. Hover over the pages you want to remove and hit “Delete”. For selecting multiple, just press and keep the CTRL (for Windows) or Command (for MacOS) key while picking the pages. You can also type an interval of pages for deletion in the field below the preview. 

Step 4. Hit “Apply Changes” to proceed. Save the new file to a desired location.


  • Intuitive user interface helps extract parts of a PDF document in just a few clicks. 
  • All data is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption, so you can rest assured that your documents are safe and secure. 
  • The free version is quite capable and allows to split, sign PDFs, fill in PDF forms, and more.


  • Many tools' full capacity is only available with the upgrade.
  • The free version has a limit of 200 pages per document and only allows to complete 3 tasks per day.

4. PDF24

Deleting extra pages from PDFs allows users to add space when creating forms or surveys. If a user needs to include additional questions or sections in their form but does not have enough room on the page, they can simply delete unwanted content and add more space for new information. 

PDF24 does not require you to purchase or install any software and allows you to quickly delete pages from your PDF document. Additionally, you can access it on any device with any operating system.

Here are the steps for removing extra PDF pages with this platform:

Step 1. Go to the website and locate the tool “Remove PDF Pages”.

Step 2. Upload the PDF file for deleting pages with the “Choose files” button or drag and drop the files into the working area.

Step 3. Hover over the page you need to eliminate and hit the bucket icon. You can also select to delete all even or odd pages. 

Step 4. Click the “Create PDF” button to proceed with removing. Download the new file.


  • It's free to use PDF software and offers many other tools, like protecting a PDF or adding a watermark.
  • You can preview what your document will look like after deleting the selected pages before downloading it.
  • Your original document remains untouched and unchanged. 


  • Processing of long files can take long.
  • Some users find the interface distracting. 

5. iLovePDF 

iLovePDF is another online PDF page remover that allows users to easily edit documents, including deleting pages from them. 

See how to utilize this service to delete PDF pages:

Step 1. Go to the website in your browser and select “Remove pages”. 

Step 2. Upload the PDF file you wish to edit by clicking “Select PDF file” or dragging and dropping your file into the box provided. 

Step 3. To delete pages, simply pick the page one by one or enter the range of pages you don't need in the field "Pages to remove". 

Step 4. When ready, hit “Remove pages”. Download your new file. 


  • The platform is free and doesn't require any installation or special PDF software.
  • It's easy to navigate, making it perfect for users who don't have much experience with editing PDFs or using specialized software tools. 
  • Other tools for managing PDF files are available. 


  • The free version is surrounded by ads that can be distracting.
  • Some tools require a Premium subscription to use.
  • The PDF max size is limited to 100MB.


Can I delete pages from scanned PDFs? 
Yes, regardless if your PDF file was created from a Word document or contains a set of scanned images, you can easily delete any irrelevant pages from it. 
Can I delete multiple PDF pages at once? 
Yes, many PDF editors provide the capability to select and remove multiple pages in one go. 
Is there any way to save the deleted pages in a different file? 
To do this, you will need to use the tool “Extract pages”, select those you want separately, and export them as a new PDF.
If I delete a page in a PDF, will it be permanently removed? 
Yes, when you delete a page it will be eradicated permanently unless you have saved the document in an autosave or versioned format.  
Can I delete individual elements without deleting the entire page? 
To remove certain elements (text, images, etc.) or edit the existing text of a PDF, you will need a PDF editor with such capabilities. 

Tips on how to delete pages from PDF

  1. Make a backup. Before you start deleting pages, create a copy of the original PDF. This ensures that if something goes wrong during the process, you still have the original file to refer back to.
  2. Review page content. Before deleting a page, double-check it to ensure that you're not removing any important information or disrupting the flow of the document.
  3. Check for links. If the pages you're deleting contain hyperlinks, bookmarks, notes, or other interactive elements, check if these pieces need to be updated or removed to reflect the changes.
  4. Optimize file size. Deleting pages can reduce the PDF size, especially if they contain large images or graphics. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize the file size for easier sharing and storage.
  5. Review the result. After deleting pages from your PDF, review the modified document to ensure that everything looks as expected. Pay attention to page numbers, formatting, and any other elements that may have been affected.


In summary, deleting pages from a PDF document is not a complicated task. We covered 5 different ways. Choose the one or several that fit your operating system, the type of device, and the specific needs you have. 

Both online and offline PDF page removers are a great way to ensure your files only have the information you need. 

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