How to Convert MP3 files

Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer

MP3 is considered to be one of the most popular audio formats these days. However, in certain cases users may want to use alternative formats. If that’s the case and a file that you need comes in MP3 format, you can use Icecream Media Converter to change its extension to one that you want. The program features different options that allow converting MP3 files to alternative formats in the easiest way possible. Read on to get an idea of how to convert MP3 files with Icecream Media Converter.


Download and install the program

Firstly, download Icecream Media Converter from this website. The download is free and doesn’t require registration or applying for codes and keys. Save the installation file on your hard drive and run it to start installing the program. Installation Wizard will help you complete the process in less than a minute – now, it’s possible to run the application and start working with MP3 files.


Add MP3 file

Start with adding files to the program – press the “Add file” button in the upper left corner of the main window or "Add file to start converting!" button under the logo.

You will be redirected to the “Add file” panel – click on the folder icon to select a file from your hard drive using Windows Explorer. After that, you can continue with tweaking the settings.


Tweak output file settings

  • Convert To. Typically, the program allows converting files to audio and video formats. Since it’s only possible to convert audio files to audio formats, the program sets the only possible option (“Audio”) by default.

  • Convert By. The program offers two ways of converting files: by format and by device. Choose the first option if you are aimed on a certain format, or select the second option if you want to convert a file for a certain device.

  • Choose format/device. Click on the setting to choose either a format or device depending on your previous settings.

  • Choose quality. If you want to keep the original quality, leave the default “Best” option. In case you want to compress the file, choose any of the remaining options (“Good”, “Average” or “Bad”).


Convert MP3 files

  • Press the “Convert” button if you want to convert just one MP3 file.

  • If you want to convert two or more MP3 files, click on the “Add to queue” button in the bottom right corner of the main window. Repeat the steps for each new file that you want to convert – they will show up in the queue on the left side. If you accidentally added a wrong file and want to delete it from the queue, click on the recycle bin icon on the left of the file; press the “Clear queue” button to delete them all at once. Once the queue is ready, press the “Convert” button to start the process.

  • Each MP3 file in the queue has its progress bar and “Pause” and “Delete” icons – click on them if you want to pause or stop the conversion at any moment until the process is finished.

  • Wait until the program finishes the process. Once it’s over, user can open the output files in a containing folder by clicking on the “Open folder” button in a popup window.

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Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer
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