How to Convert Video Files for Mobile


Watching videos on mobile phones has become increasingly popular. However, not all formats are optimized for such devices.

This is where the how to convert a video for mobile phones question comes into play. This guide will walk you through the process of using Icecream Video Converter to transform your clips to play smoothly and look great on smaller screens.

The unique feature of this free video converter for Windows is a special option - device presets, so you don't have to search for what format is best but can simply pick a device.

With Icecream Video Converter, you can just select your mobile phone model from the list and allow the program to choose the necessary presets. To learn more, read the guide below.

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Supported formats

This video conversion software for Windows supports various input and output media formats.

You can import files in MP4, MOV, AVI, WebM, MKV, and MPEG, as well as less common ones such as WMV, FLV, M4V, MTS, VOB, 3GP, SWF.

Popular mobile formats

Before we delve into the steps of using this video file converter, let's discuss the most popular formats for mobile devices.

MOV and MP4 are versatile and have widespread compatibility and great quality.

AVI is older than MP4 or MOV but retains full compatibility with Windows, while WebM and MKV are open-source formats ideal for high-definition videos.

MPEG format, on the other hand, is popular for streaming videos due to its smaller file size.

MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)Moving Picture Experts GroupAVC/H.264, AACCreated for sharing video files on the internet
MOVAppleAVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, ProRes, AACCreated for QuickTime Player
AVI (Audio Video Interleaved)MicrosoftXvid, DivX, MP3Created for playing sound and video on Windows devices

What is the best mobile format?

  • When it comes to the best choice, the MP4 format is often recommended because of its balance of compatibility and quality that makes it ideal for mobile devices.

How to convert a video for mobile?

Now, let's take a look at how to save video files in a format for seamless playback on a mobile device:

1. Download and install the video converter

You can find the "Download" button below, and that’s all you need to start using the program.

Click it to get the best free video converter for PC, and complete the installation process according to the Wizard’s instructions.

Once the application is installed, launch it to get the program running.

Install the video file converter for PC Step

2. Add files

Use the "Add file" button to open the File Explorer. Locate the clips you wish to customize for mobile and add them to the video converter. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop all the files directly into the program's interface.

3. Configure the settings

The videos will appear in the converter. Now, you can configure the settings of the output files according to your preferences.

  • Format. You can specify the required format for each file individually in the "Convert to" menu. Your choice depends on whether you want to save your files as video or audio. Select one of the formats mentioned above.
  • Device preset. In the bottom left of the software UI, you can select one of the device presets available. These include configurations for popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi.
  • Quality and resolution. If your output format is a video, set the desired quality and resolution.
  • Additional tools. One of the many perks this video converter offers is the additional features. For instance, the software allows you to trim your video, add SRT subtitles, and even include watermarks (textual or image).

Note that when it comes to converting for a device, the quality is already set by the program by default and you don't need to adjust it manually.

4. Start the conversion

To change the video format of a single file, you can press the "Convert" button on the right of the settings.

If you want to process several files in bulk, click the "Convert" button that is located in the bottom right of the program's window.

You can control the process with the "Pause", "Resume", and "Cancel" buttons.

When the conversion is finished, hit the folder icon to view the files in the storing location or close the application. Alternatively, you can always access the videos through the "History" tab.

How to convert video for mobile: conclusion

In conclusion, the described program is the best free video converter for all your needs, including making the files compatible with your mobile device.

Enjoy your favorite clips on your phone without any compatibility issues, and take advantage of the converter's bonus features that allow you to customize your viewing experience.

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