How to Convert MOV to WMV: Methods for Different OS

Alexandra Meyer
by Alexandra Meyer

Knowing how to convert MOV to WMV enables users to create files with seamless compatibility between different operating systems and programs. To do that, you need a reliable video converter.

MOV files, commonly associated with Apple devices, might pose playback challenges on Windows PCs. However, transforming them into the WMV format resolves such issues.

This article describes 2 methods to efficiently convert MOV to WMV. One is for a Windows-based device and another one is for a macOS computer. The guide offers step-by-step instructions and highlights the pros and cons of each option. It also provides a comparative analysis of the two video formats.

Method for Windows

If you are using a computer with the Windows OS and have received a MOV video, not all your programs may open the file. One of the solutions is to employ a MOV to WMV converter. For example, you can use the Movavi Video Converter.

The video file converter has a user-friendly interface but offers robust features, like converting to and from a variety of formats - MOV, AVI, WMV, and MKV. It also supports turning a video into audio - MP3, OGG. You can even make a GIF out of your video.

Follow the steps to efficiently perform the MOV to WMV conversion:

  1. Visit the Movavi website and download the software. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the video converter on your computer.
  2. Once installed, launch the video conversion application. Click the "Add Media" button. Select "Add Video" to import the MOV files you want to convert. Alternatively, drag and drop the videos directly into the main window.
  3. Open the "Video" tab and choose "WMV" from the list of available formats. Change the settings preset to what best fits your requirements.
  4. Specify the destination folder for the converted files by clicking the "Save to" button. Hit "Convert" to initiate processing.
  5. The progress bar will display the conversion status. To access the WMV video, click the "Folder" icon next to the output field.
Convert MOV video to WMV on Windows


  • Intuitive Interface. The video file converter offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to navigate and use the software without much hassle.
  • Wide Format Support. The program supports a vast array of video formats for conversion, enhancing its versatility.
  • Preset Options. The video conversion software provides preset options for various devices and resolutions, ensuring optimal output settings without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.


  • Limited Free Usage. There is no free version of Movavi Video Converter. The free trial lasts 7 days only.
  • Resource Intensive. During video conversion, the app may consume a considerable amount of system resources, potentially slowing down older or less powerful computers.

In general, Movavi Video Converter is a reliable video conversion tool for efficiently turning MOV to WMV on Windows. It supports a wide range of input and output format options. Yet, it comes without a free version and the subscription may be costly for some users on a low budget.

Method for MacOS

If you know that the receiver of your videos has a Windows PC but you own a macOS device, you may want to make it easier for them and convert your video file before sharing. A good option to convert MOV to WMV for free on a Mac is 1-Click Video Converter.

This software can convert almost all video/audio file formats like MTS, M2TS, TS, TRP, MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, WTV, MP3, FLAC, WMA, and more.

Here is a guide to converting MOV to WMV using this app:

  1. Go to the App Store and download the program. Install the software by following the on-screen instructions.
  2. Open the converter. Click "Add Files" to import the MOV videos for conversion.
  3. Look for the "Profile" drop-down menu and choose "WMV" as the output format.
  4. Adjust the "Settings" if needed and select the "Destination" where the resulting file will be saved. Hit "Convert".
  5. Once the conversion is complete, the software will automatically save the WMV videos in the designated output folder.
MOV to WMV video converter fro Mac


  • Simplicity. The app has a straightforward interface, making it easy for users with minimal technical knowledge to convert videos.
  • Variety of Formats. The video converter offers a long list of formats to convert to and from, making it a great free tool to take advantage of.


  • Limited Customization. Lacks advanced settings for customization, which might be necessary for specific quality or format requirements.

Overall, 1-Click Video Converter is a great video file converter for macOS users to change the video's format or convert it to audio. The MOV to WMV converter comes at no cost making it also an affordable solution.


MOV (QuickTime File Format) and WMV (Windows Media Video) are two popular video formats. Each was developed by different companies and commonly associated with specific operating systems.

Here's a comparison between MOV and WMV across various aspects:

Developers and CompatibilityDeveloped by Apple, the MOV format is closely associated with macOS and iOS devices.Developed by Microsoft, WMV is primarily designed for Windows platforms and is compatible with its software and devices. It might require additional codecs for playback on non-Windows systems.
Compression and QualityUtilizes the MPEG-4 codec and supports various codecs like H.264, which provides high-quality video compression. It maintains superior video quality even at smaller file sizes.Uses proprietary codecs, such as WMV9, offering good compression with acceptable quality.
Editing and Multimedia CapabilitiesKnown for its compatibility with professional editing software, MOV allows for easy editing and manipulation of multimedia elements such as audio, video, and subtitles.While compatible with some programs, WMV may have limited support in certain professional editing suites, potentially posing challenges for extensive multimedia adjustments.
Platform Compatibility and UsageWidely used in multimedia production, streaming, and distribution, especially in the Apple ecosystem. Its versatility in various applications makes it a popular choice among content creators.Often employed for streaming online content, presentations, and video conferencing. Its integration with Windows systems makes it a preferred choice for specific applications within the OS environment.

MOV excels in quality retention and multimedia capabilities, particularly in the Apple ecosystem. WMV is preferred for its compatibility with Windows systems and specific applications like online streaming and presentations.

In conclusion, while both MOV and WMV have their strengths, the choice between them often depends on the intended use, platform compatibility, and editing requirements.

Reasons to convert MOV to WMV

Converting MOV files to WMV format might be necessary due to several reasons. They include compatibility issues, specific software or platform requirements, and convenience in certain situations.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

WMV files are more widely compatible with Windows-based video editors. Converting MOV to WMV allows seamless playback and sharing of videos on Windows devices without encountering compatibility issues.

  • Software Limitations

Some software or applications may have limited support for MOV files or may require WMV format for editing, playback, or integration purposes. Converting to WMV ensures smoother workflow within such environments.

  • File Size and Compression

WMV files can offer efficient video compression without significant loss of quality. Converting large MOV files to WMV might reduce file sizes, making it easier for storing or online sharing while maintaining reasonable quality.

  • Specific Uses or Requirements

Certain platforms or services might specifically require WMV format for video uploads, presentations, or streaming purposes. Converting to WMV becomes necessary to meet these platform-specific requirements.

How to convert MOV to WMV: FAQ

Are there any quality loss during the MOV to WMV conversion process?
Generally, when converting between different video formats, there might be a slight degradation in quality due to compression or differences in codecs. However, using higher-quality settings and appropriate video conversion software can help minimize noticeable quality loss.
Does converting MOV to WMV affect the file size?
Yes, WMV videos often have more efficient compression techniques compared to MOV files, which might result in reduced file sizes after conversion. However, the actual difference can vary based on the original size of the video, selected settings, and the software used for conversion.
Are there any recommended settings for optimal WMV conversion?
The recommended settings may vary. However, common suggestions are using higher bitrates, selecting appropriate resolutions, and choosing the suitable WMV codec to retain quality during the process.
Can I convert WMV back to MOV if needed?
Yes, it is possible to convert WMV to MOV format using the same software you used to save a MOV video as WMV. However, similar to the initial conversion, the process might result in some quality loss due to the transcoding.
What should I do if the converted WMV file is corrupted?
If you encounter problems with the resulting WMV, try using a different converter, adjust the settings, ensure your software is up to date, and check the compatibility of the media player being used to play the file.
Can I batch convert multiple MOV files to WMV at once?
Yes, many conversion tools, both online and desktop, support batch processing. This feature allows you to turn several files to WMV simultaneously, saving time and effort.
Are there any advanced techniques for changing MOV to WMV?
Professionals can leverage FFmpeg, a command-line-based app that offers extensive control over the process. The tool allows for fine-tuning of encoding parameters, batch processing, and automation through scripts. For example, the command ffmpeg -i -c:v wmav2 -b:v 1500k output.wmv converts MOV to WMV with specified codec and bitrate settings.


In conclusion, learning how to convert MOV files to WMV format bridges compatibility gaps between different operating systems and software. Whether for cross-platform playback, file size optimization, or meeting platform specifications, this conversion process serves as a practical solution.

Mastering the art of MOV to WMV conversion expands accessibility and enhances flexibility in handling video content, catering to the dynamic needs of today's multimedia landscape.

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Alexandra Meyer
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