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Interface. Image queue

Once a file or multiple files were successfully added, they are displayed as a queue at the left-hand side of the program's window. User can see files’ sequence numbers and also such controls as buttons to change the duration of each slide, transition effect for each image, and also some common settings (duration and transition effects for the entire slideshow) and the “Clear queue” option.

Image position

After adding an image to the queue, the program automatically assigns it with a sequence number. Files from a folder are queued in alphabetical order.

There are two ways of changing file position in the queue:

- Select the image that you want to move and drag and drop it to a desired position;

- Select the image that you want to move and use the UP arrow to move the file up and DOWN arrow to move it down (the buttons can be found to the right of the image queue).

Note that other files’ positions will remain unchanged.

Iceream Slideshow Maker also offers shuffling of the images added to the queue. Press the “Shuffle photos” button (to the right of the image queue) to let the program place your images in a random order.

Preview thumbnail

Each image in the queue has a thumbnail which is a small copy of the original picture. Pressing the PLAY button over the thumbnail will activate a preview for this particular photo. It will be previewed with applied effects in the slideshow preview window.

Image display duration in the slideshow

Each image will be displayed in the slideshow for a certain period of time. A user can choose from the following time values: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 15, or 20 seconds. Note that a chosen value stands for the display duration of an actual slide without preceding transition effect duration.

Transition effects

Each image is followed by the next one with a certain visual effect. A user can choose from 24 transition effects; alternatively, it's possible to use no effect at all by selecting a corresponding option, or choose a random effect – in this case, the program will choose an effect automatically by random sample and apply it to the file.

Deleting files from the queue

Each image comes with a recycle bin icon on the right side of the queue. Press this icon to remove a file from the queue. Note that other files’ positions won’t change after deleting a certain file from the list.

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