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Output slideshow settings. Slideshow settings

Slideshow settings are located under the slideshow preview zone. It’s nominally divided into two sections: video settings in the upper side and audio settings in the bottom.

Video settings

In this section users can choose a resolution, transition duration, image scale settings, and ratio configurations.

Slideshow resolution

User can select one of the suggested resolution presets: 640х480, 800х600, 1024х768, 1280х1024, 1600х1200 or 1920х1080.

Transition duration

This parameter will be applied to all the transition effects for the images in the queue. There are 3 available options: 1, 2, or 3 seconds.

Scale to fit

If this option is enabled, the images will be stretched to fit a selected slideshow resolution regardless of their original size. In case the box is unchecked, the image will be displayed in the center of the screen in its original size as compared to the size of the output slideshow.

Original ratio

This option is very important when you check the “Scale to fit” option – by checking the “Original ratio” box, the image will be scaled to fit a chosen resolution without losing its original proportions.

Audio settings

In this section user can add an audio file to the slideshow, set the offset and fade values for it and loop the added audio file.

Adding and deleting audio files

The “Add audio” button opens Windows Explorer and enables a user to add one audio file to be used as a slideshow background. The addition of the file is easy due to the fact that the program only displays files in supported formats, such as MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and OGG. Users can also drag and drop the audio files to the program's window. Once a file is successfully added, its name, duration and the format will be displayed.

With the added audio file, the speaker icon that is initially standing to the left of the “Add Audio” button is being changed to the recycle bin icon – click it to delete this file and not use it as a background audio for a slideshow.

Loop audio

Enable this option to repeat the playback of the added audio file along with the playback of the slides.


This option lets a user to set a starting point of audio playback relatively to a starting point of a video playback. A user can set a “0” value to make audio and video start simultaneously. Set a desired positive value to move the audio to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 seconds relative to video. For example, setting “5” value means that audio playback will start 5 seconds after the beginning of the video playback. Negative values offer shifting the audio to several seconds. Thus, choosing “-7” value means that the audio and audio will be started from the very beginning of the slideshow, but the first 7 seconds of audio are skipped and it starts playing from the 8th second.


This effect lets playing the audio with a fade in effect in the beginning and fade out effect in the end. Choosing “0” value, user makes video and audio start and finish simultaneously. Otherwise, the audio will fade in and out for as many seconds as were chosen (from 1 to 5).

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