20 Software Giveaway Websites: Review

20 Software Giveaway Websites: ReviewWith a growing number of tasks that should be done on your computer, the number of helpful software is also increasing. There are free programs that you can use at no cost, as well as paid ones in which you pay for the licenses. However, if you’re a student or just on a budget, most likely you would like to save some money. In this case, giveaway websites will come to your rescue.

Such resources offer licenses for the paid programs at no cost, and you can own a shareware program legally and for free. The majority of giveaway offer you free or discounted licenses at certain terms. Say, you can use the programs for free, however the updates and the tech support is not included for the giveaway versions of the programs.

If you’re interested in this kind of deal, check out the list of 20 software giveaway websites we reviewed.

# Title Our review
1 Giveaway of the Day Giveaway of the Day is probably the most popular resource among the giveaway websites. You can find Windows, Android, and iPhone program giveaways along with games.
2 Softpedia Softpedia is a website that allows you to download all sorts of software, and it also has a giveaway section. Softpedia doesn’t post the giveaways that often and they usually have a limited number of licenses they give out.
3 SharewareOnSale SharewareOnSale is another mogul of the giveaway websites. There are programs for Windows and Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad, and games as well.
4 Windows Deal Windows Deal is a well-known software giveaway website that offers both a 100% discount and lesser discounts for the programs, too. Obviously, the website offers Windows programs only.
5 BitsDuJour BitsDuJour is a popular giveaway website that offers not only giveaways and discounts for Mac, Windows, and iOS programs, but free eBooks as well. There are exclusive deals along with the forum available on the website.
6 Giveaway Club Giveaway Club only offers Windows programs and games giveaways. Its major advantage is that you can check out the upcoming deals and giveaways, which is very convenient.
7 Download.hr This is a software download portal that has a giveaway section. It has various terms of receiving the license, e.g. you have to wait for a period of time, or you have to like their page, or log in to the account to redeem the offer.
8 MalwareTips Forum MalwareTips has a forum with a “Giveaway, Promotions and Contests” discussion board where you can find trusted deals and giveaway offers for the software.
9 WinningPC WinningPC is a coupons and giveaway website that offers both nice discounts and coupons along with completely free programs.
10 The Software Shop As it is stated in its name, this is mainly an online software store. Check the “Giveaway” and “Limited Deals” sections to get programs for free or with a discount.
11 Giveaway Radar Giveaway Radar is a very convenient giveaway website that collects the most relevant offers from other resources that offer the valid deals.
12 Freesharewares Freesharewares is a website that offers giveaways for the software once every 5-10 days.
13 Buzz99 Buzz99 is a giveaway website that also doesn’t post deals that often; however, there are some offers that might be interesting for you.
14 Geekiest.Net Geekiest.Net is a nice resource of daily deals and offers for Windows, Android, Windows Phones programs, and apps and games.
15 TopWareSale TopWareSale is a software giveaway website where you can find programs that are completely free, and the programs have impressive discounts as well.
16 Techno360 Techno360 offers software giveaway deals quite often. Make sure your AdBlock is off, though; otherwise you won’t be able to open the website.
17 Tickcoupon Giveaway Tickcoupon’s giveaway section provides coupon codes that offer discounts for programs, giveaway deals, and regular news from software developers regarding promos and deals.
18 TechTipLib TechTipLib is a great resource not only for giveaways of all sorts, but for various software and tech tips and tricks. The only con is that you have to like the website’s social accounts to use the giveaway offers.
19 Most i Want Most I Want is a nicely designed giveaway website that enables you to monitor upcoming giveaways and enjoy ongoing ones. We wouldn’t say it has a lot of updates but you still might find something for yourself.
20 UniqueFree UniqueFree is one of those software giveaway websites that require you to like their account to be able to enjoy the deals. However, there might be some good offers worthy of using.

Although the software giveaways might have their own terms or restrictions, it’s always nice to use some programs legally and at zero cost. If you’re looking for more ways to multiply your savings and pay less, check out our online shopping tips.

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