How to Download YouTube Videos

How to download YouTube videosYouTube is the most used video streaming and viewing platform available. This website doesn’t directly offer the feature to download YouTube videos and the question of how to proceed it might appear to any other regular user.

Google has created an excellent service and millions of people use YouTube daily. Using this service, you can watch a mind-boggling array of content. From sports and online gaming, to business, news, and of course funny videos about cats!

But what happens if you don’t have an Internet connection or may have a period where you are offline? During these periods, it is not possible to watch YouTube. For example, let’s say you are traveling and there is no 4G coverage.

During times like these, being able to download from YouTube is a fantastic way to keep watching the content you enjoy. In this article, we look at five simple ways you can download a YouTube video.

Understand YouTube’s Terms of Service

First, let’s discuss YouTube’s terms of service. YouTube’s terms of service clearly state that you cannot download YouTube videos using third-party applications. Also, it states that you should only watch YouTube videos through the platform of one of Google’s associated services.

This is quite clear and you should always be careful and consider copyright infringement and copyrights if you choose to use any third-party solutions. Regardless, there is a range of ways using which you can download videos from YouTube. We have listed five of the best options below.

1. Use video downloader like 4k Download

4K Download YouTube downloader

A great way to download YouTube videos is to use software like 4K Download. You can find a handful of free YouTube video downloader apps that allow you to save videos to your desktop computer. 4K Download is a popular program that has a host of features.

As you would imagine, this program allows you to download videos in 4K, but also other resolutions like 1080p, and 720p. It also has a handy batch downloading feature so you can save multiple videos at once, or even complete playlists, for example.

Moreover, this advanced software can not only download YouTube videos but can also extract the captions of each video and translate them into 50 different languages. There is also a premium version available which gives access to a wider range of features.

2. Save YouTube videos on a mobile with TubeMate


There is a limited variety of mobile apps available that can be used to download videos from YouTube. One of the top examples is TubeMate. To download this app, you must first allow your Android device to download apps from other locations except the Google Play store. This is because the app is not available for download directly from the Google Store. We do recommend having an antivirus for Android installed on your smartphone before you start working downloading the app.

Once you have done this via your phone settings, you can download it from app catalogs. The app is easy to use and it has a relatively small file size too of just 6.51mb. Once you have it installed, you can then download YouTube videos and save them directly to your device’s internal memory or SD card.

3. Use online YouTube downloader like online YouTube downloader

Possibly the simplest method to use is an online YouTube downloader. You can find a host of websites that allow you to download from YouTube with relative ease. Please be careful! Not all of these websites are real and some could contain viruses or malware. Always check that the website’s protocol is HTTPS and mind the online safety tips.

One of the best examples is This is a trustworthy service that can download videos from YouTube and millions of people use. Simply open in your web browser. Next, copy the video website address from your address bar. Paste this into the large box titled “Search or paste link here” and click the start button. From there, your video will be converted and you can then download it.

This is the quickest method to use, and you can download as many videos as you wish in this manner. It also supports a range of file formats including MP4, M4V, WMV, and MP3.

4. Use Web Browser Extension/Plugin

Download videos using browser extension

Most web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have plugins or extensions. These extend the functionality of your browser and give you additional features. You can find a myriad of extensions that are used specifically for downloading YouTube videos.

Firefox has the “Easy YouTube Video Download Express” which is a recommended extension for Firefox and one of the most popular downloader tools. Also, Opera has the “YouTube Video and Audio Downloader” which is a similar extension and has positive reviews. These extensions for downloading videos from YouTube are easy to install and will activate once you navigate to YouTube with your web browser when the extension is enabled.

When using third-party browser extensions, be sure to read reviews and only install trusted plugins. Installing extensions is a way that you can get viruses and malware on your device if you are not careful.

5. Alter YouTube Video URL

SaveFrom video downloader

Finally, there is a really simple way that you can download YouTube videos and convert them. This involves changing the URL (website address) of the video. First, open the YouTube video you wish to download. Next, in the address bar, type ss between www. And YouTube and press enter.

Once you have done this, it will open a new browser and direct you to a website called Save Form from which you can then convert and download YouTube video directly. There is a free option, but there is also a paid subscription you can use in-conjunction with YouTube to download unlimited videos per month. This is an incredibly simple trick and works for any YouTube Video URL – just make sure you put the “ss” in the correct location.

It is Possible to Watch YouTube Videos Offline?

As you can see, it is possible to download YouTube videos to watch them offline. This is perfect for periods when you have no internet access or a poor connection. For traveling, this can be a brilliant tool and help keep you entertained during long journeys etc.

If you use any of these services, we advise you to consider YouTube’s terms of service, and refrain from using any copyrighted material for your own profit.

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