How to Extract Images from PDF

How to Extract Images from PDFIf the question of how to extract images from PDF is opened for you, then this article will guide you through it. Information is constantly changing hands, whether it’s in a community flyer, a company’s financial report, or a how-to booklet. The most common and convenient way of sharing this kind of info is through a Portable Document Format, or PDF. The clean layout and editing restrictions make it ideal for multipurpose use.

However, there are times when we want to extract images from PDF. Perhaps you want to keep an infographic for future reference or send a collection of pictures to a friend. The setup of this format makes it quite challenging to extract pictures from PDF.

While some users might try to screenshot, crop, and save one image at a time, you don’t have to. The “Extract Images from PDF” tool from PDF Candy makes saving pictures a fast and simple process. Read on and enjoy this hassle-free solution!

Main features of PDF Candy

We designed the tool to extract photos from PDF to be as simple, easy, and straightforward as possible. Accessibility and user-friendliness were our primary focus, along with the ability to extract images from PDF file in a matter of seconds. Read on to learn about three main features of the PDF extractor tool and see how much time and stress you can save!

44 online tools that are free

44 tools of PDF Candy

You probably found a handful of programs that can turn PDF to picture during your search for the right tool. And there are similar options available – but they’re rarely user-friendly. PDF Candy is always available online for simple and fast access on any computer.

Let’s say you’re working from home for the day and left your work laptop at the office. You need to extract images from PDF to create a PowerPoint. Do you want to drive back to the office to complete this simple task? We guess the answer to that question is a firm “no.”

Instead, you can count on our online service. It can do the same job as the software your company purchased to increase your productivity, but you don’t have to download the program or pay anything to use it. Whether you’re an office worker, a college student, or just someone looking to hold on to pictures you like, PDF Candy is always there to help you out.

Compatible across platforms and devices

It can be challenging to find a service or an app to extract images from PDF that suit your specific device and operating system. Many software programs and online websites only work with certain devices. Whether you use Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices, you’ve most likely run into compatibility issues at one point or another.

This isn’t an issue with our PDF extractor. The online service we’ve developed supports PDF files from all types of devices or browsers. Even if you have an older PDF you’ve been holding on to, PDF Candy can still read the file, quickly extract images from PDF, and put them in an easy-to-save format.

It also works with PDFs you’ve stored on other online platforms. You can upload images from Google Drive and Dropbox by completing a quick, secure sign-in to your account with the respective platform. It will be easier than ever to save images across devices, accounts, and shared projects!

Save images in original quality and format

A common workaround for saving images from PDF files is to screenshot the picture you want. In addition to being time-consuming options, screenshots and snipping tools lower the quality of an image and can only save it in one format. This is a noticeable disadvantage, especially if you’re reusing pictures for a presentation, email, or website.

Unlike those options, “Extract images from PDF” tool is able to extract the original pictures from PDF files. This means you have access to the same quality, size, and format of the image you want. It’s the best way to ensure consistency and crystal-clear downloads.

How to extract images from PDF with PDF Candy

Let’s discuss how to complete the process online using our service. It’s quick and easy to do, with clear onscreen instructions available for reference. Open the “Extract images from PDF” tool of the website to proceed.

Step 1: Add the PDF file

Extract images from PDF - add PDF file

First, locate the PDF you wish to upload to PDF Candy. It may be saved on your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox. If the PDF is already saved on your device, you can click the green “Add File” button and select your document with the file browser. You also have the option to drag and drop the PDF file onto the webpage as well.

Google Drive or Dropbox files are available as well. The tool has an icon for each program – single click which one you wish to use. You’ll be prompted to complete a secure sign-on to the platform where your files are stored. Select the PDF file, and it will be uploaded to the PDF Candy webpage.

Step 2: Extract Images from PDF

Once you’ve uploaded the PDF, there’s nothing else you need to do. The process of changing PDF to picture starts automatically, and you’ll briefly be shown a loading screen while the images are pulled. It usually takes only a few seconds to extract images from PDF.

Step 3: Save your Images with One Click

Extract images from PDF - save extracted images

All the images in the PDF will be collected and stored in a single archive file. Each image will be in its original size, clarity, and format. Simply click the green “Download File” button to save the pictures to your device. If you have a download manager preinstalled then the zip archive with the images can be downloaded with its help. You can also click the Google Drive or Dropbox icons to save images to the respective account.

As you can see, it’s quick and easy to extract images from PDF file with PDF Candy. It’s always free to use and can be accessed from any browser for maximum convenience and accessibility. You don’t have to download a program or worry about whether your device is compatible.

We encourage you to try it out yourself and see how simple and user friendly this online tool is. If you find yourself wanting to do more than extract pictures from PDF, there is a large selection of other free tools on PDF Candy. We do offer Windows software to download as well when you need to work offline. We hope this tutorial has been helpful. Whether you’re extracting images for personal use or work presentations, we know you’ll find this tool to be convenient and easy to use. Thanks for reading – enjoy your new pictures!

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