How to Open DjVu Files on your PC

How to Open DjVu FilesDjVu is a file format that is primarily used for storing scanned documents. It’s popular thanks to the high level of compression it offers — the same files in PDF format will take up much more space than one in DjVu. It’s not just scanned documents that can be kept in this format, but plenty of eBooks can also be downloaded in this format. No doubt, the compact size of DjVu files is a huge advantage, however it’s actually a bit problematic to open DjVu files since only specific programs can do that. Worries aside, we have reviewed how to open DjVu files using various free programs. Take a look and pick the right DjVu reader for your needs.

DjVuLibre DjView
Quick review: Open source cross-platform DjVu reader that is also rather compact in size – it takes up about 27MB of your computer’s space. The file’s pages can be previewed as thumbnails, and there’s an outline tab where you can browse by page numbers and by context. Users can search in the files by text, select and copy text and images, zoom in and out, invert luminance (night mode), and choose from three layout modes of the documents in this DjVu reader.

Step 1. Click the “Open” button to browse for the DjVu file to be opened on your PC in Windows Explorer. Alternatively, you can simply drop the file into this DjVu reader’s window.
DjVuLibre DjView: Add DjVu fileStep 2. Your DjVu file is opened in DjVuLibre DjView.DjVuLibre DjView: open DjVu file

Quick review: A free DjVu reader that is really tiny in its size – just 3.3MB. For comfortable reading, the program offers zoom in and out options, and customization of the pages’ layout along with their rotation. Users can add bookmarks, select and search for text, export pages as PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and JPEG files, and use hotkeys.

Step 1. To open a DjVu file in WinDjView, drag and drop the file into the window of the program or click the “Open” button to browse for a file using Windows Explorer.
WinDjView: Add DjVu fileStep 2. The file is successfully opened in WinDjView.WinDjView: Open DjVu file

STDU Viewer
Quick review: Freeware that supports opening such formats as DjVu, PDF, TIFF, TXT, CBZ, CBR, BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, EMF, WMF, XPS and TCR. With the compact size of just 4MB, the program offers plenty of advanced features for viewing files, such as navigation through the content, adding and navigating through bookmarks, searching and highlighting the text, customizing the layout and rotating pages, zooming in and out, and selecting text and images.

Step 1. Press the “Open” button to select a DjVu file to open using Windows Explorer or turn to the drag and drop mechanism.
STDU Viewer: Add DjVu fileStep 2. The DjVu is opened and ready to be read in STDU Viewer.STDU Viewer: Open DjVu file

Sumatra PDF
Quick review: Free file reader that works with the following formats: DjVu, PDF, CBZ, CBR, ePub, Mobi, CHM and XPS. The size of the program is a bit less than 11MB. The program supports using hotkeys, zooming in and out, searching within the opened documents, pages rotation, selecting and copying the files’ parts, and adding pages to Favorites. Some layout settings are available as well.

Step 1. To open the DjVu file in Sumatra PDF, click the “Open a document…” button to browse for the file on your PC in Windows Explorer. The use of the drag and drop mechanism is available as well.
Sumatra PDF: Add DjVu fileStep 2. The DjVu file is opened in Sumatra PDF and is ready to be read.Sumatra PDF: Open DjVu file

Quick review: Free cross-platform file reader that supports DjVu, PDF, TIFF, DVI and PostScript documents and takes almost 76MB of your computer space. It supports pages rotation, inverted colors mode (night mode), zooming in and out, and navigation by page numbers. Full screen and presentation modes are also available.

Step 1. Click the “File” button to open the File menu options of the program.
Evince: Open file menuStep 2. Press the “Open…” button to open the DjVu file by selecting it with the help of Windows Explorer. You can also drag and drop the file to the DjVu reader’s window.Evince: Add DjVu fileStep 3. The DjVu file is successfully opened in Evince.Evince: Open DjVu file

Now you know several easy ways of how to open DjVu files. The only remaining thing left is to simply select the best DjVu reader for your needs. If you’re a fan of eBooks in general and you also have ePub files, take a look at our review of the best ePub readers for Windows.

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