Top 10 Free Online Resume Builders

Free Online Resume BuildersIt doesn’t matter how impressive your professional skills and experience may be, employers won’t appreciate them unless you have an outstanding resume. Opt for a winning resume builder to make a resume with ease. A great advantage of the online resume builders is that you don’t need to manually arrange the sections and spend time on the formatting. In this article we are going to talk about popular CV builders for you to create a resume that potential employers won’t be able to ignore.

1. Easy Resume Builder

Easy Resume Builder

This is a great online resume builder that can create a new resume from scratch and which also allows you to upload already created resumes for editing. This resume maker selects a variety of templates to create resume in just a couple of mouse clicks. You can add personal information, education, employment history, skills, and references to the CV along with custom sections if needed. With this free resume builder, you can save the file as a PDF, DOCX, RTF, or TXT file; share it by using a short link (which is a great feature of any resume maker); and print it out.

2. My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is a resume creator with an extremely intuitive interface that gives you tips on how to use it effectively. It lets you log in with your Facebook and Google accounts for an easier and faster authentication process. The resume-building process is divided into six steps: Heading, Work History, Education, Skills, Summary, and Finalize (here you can provide such information as accomplishments, affiliations, websites, portfolios, and additional information). You can preview your free resume at any step during the creation process. There are preset job responsibilities and skills that are offered by My Perfect Resume depending on the job title and education you apply. You can build a resume as a PDF, TXT, or DOCX file.

3. Online Resume Builder “Resume Build”

Online Resume Builder “Resume Build”

If you’re not really sure about how to make a resume, then Online Resume Builder is at your service. Before starting to fill in your new resume with the resume builder, you get a selection of useful tips on how to do it the best way. Fields such as Heading (personal information), Professional Summary, Employment History, Education, and Skills can all be filled in. Similar to My Perfect Resume, the preset job responsibilities area is available along with summary templates. PDF and DOCX are the only two formats supported by this resume maker. It’s possible to print out your free resume directly from the account.

4. Free resume builder by Canva

Free resume builder by Canva

Canva resume builder works in a different way from other popular resume maker services. You just need to select one of the already created resumes and then change the text entered in the preset resume to your own text. You can add photos, grids, shapes, charts, lines, frames, and icons. Various text fonts and styles are available with Canva’s resume builder along with full text formatting. The resume can be shared with others by email, and you can save it in PNG, JPG, PDF, and MP4 (only in the upgraded version) formats. Thanks to great social media integration, the resume creator uploads your CV to Facebook groups or pages, Twitter, Pinterest, your LinkedIn profile and company page, Slack, Tumblr, WeChat, and your Canva profile.

5. Zety Online Resume Builder

Zety Online Resume Builder

Zety resume builder is a highly intuitive service that shows you tips and hints on how to make a resume with it. The first thing you are asked to do is to select the online resume template and its color scheme. Then you can fill in the information into the default data sections. The information includes Personal Info, Summary, Experience, Education, and Skills. The sections can be removed and added elsewhere where necessary. Zety resume builder also has another great feature: once the resume is created, you can make the resume go live on Zety’s website and create a custom path to it.

6. Vizualize.Me


This is the resume maker you want to use if you are looking for a free resume that stands out, is graphic, vivid, and simple to share. Basically, you head to the resume builder, choose from various themes and styles, customize the colors and the general look of your CV, and then insert your personal data like personal information, work experience, education, and links to your personal profiles in social communities. In addition, there are fields to which you can add your skills, interests, languages, awards, and honors. When everything looks good, just sign up for an account of the free resume builder (which is very quick to do) and you will get a direct link to your colorful and attractive CV. This link allows you to share it as it is or embed it as an icon. The good news is that in the “Dashboard” section on your profile’s menu, you can view the statistics of your online resume: total profile views, average daily views from the last 7 days, and your popularity ranking. This data is also shown as a diagram. Plus, you get to see referrals to your CV and the top industries viewing your page at the very bottom of your dashboard.

This resume builder is perfect for creative people who are looking for a free resume that stands out from the crowd and easy to share.

7. Resume Builder by LinkedIn

Free Online Resume Builders: Resume Builder by LinkedIn

This is the easiest resume maker for LinkedIn users. You log in to this Resume Builder with your LinkedIn credentials and all the data is automatically transferred to your free CV. You can select from several templates to customize the appearance of your resume. However, there is one inconvenience connected with this service. If your LinkedIn account is missing some data, you won’t be able to fix it in the builder; you need to add corrections to your LinkedIn account first and then refresh your resume. Saving a finished document as a PDF file is accessible with a single click.

8. Cvmaker

Cvmaker resume builder

If you are not a fan of creativity and you do not own a LinkedIn account, then this resume maker is for you. Once you register for an account, you can create several free resumes at a time. Each of them can be edited and saved on your computer as a PDF file. You can copy or rename an existing resume or delete unnecessary ones. The interface of this resume creator is available in over 30 languages, which is also a plus. There is another great feature that we found to be a very useful one: you are free to add sections to your online resume and give them customizable names. This can be helpful if you are having a hard time figuring out where exactly you should insert information about your achievements.

If you are looking for a classic resume builder for typical professional-looking resumes, this is a great service for you.

9. The Pcman’s Write your Resume Online

The Pcman's Write your Resume Online

This is a very simple and even a bit old-school-looking free resume builder; however, it is very easy to use. Using a step-by-step guide, you fill in forms with your data. You can customize the look a bit too, but not drastically. You should fill in all the forms that you are suggested to and then upload your picture by link, use the spell checker, and change the font and text size of your free resume. Then when your CV is ready, you can edit any of the sections you filled in or get the finished resume right away. This resume generator supports saving CVs in PDF, HTML, Word, or text format. Right below there are buttons that will redirect you to create a cover letter, reference page, or business card, which can also be helpful during the job-searching process.

10. ResumeBaking


Use this resume builder for very fast and free resume creation. You first need to select a template, which looks very professional. Edit your information, copy existing resumes, create new ones, and save it in PDF format. The interface is very neat and comfortable to work with, and everything is intuitive. There are real-life examples of successful CVs on the website of this resume creator, so you can always compare them to yours to make sure yours looks good as well.

The best job offers attract dozens and sometimes even hundreds of applicants, and your first concern is to stand out and attract the attention of recruiters. Your resume is the first thing they find out about you, and you need to do your best to make it look exceptional. Use any listed resume builder to create an informative and professional resume that will show you in the best light. Check out the review of the productivity apps in order to be focused and do your best at your new job.

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  1. A free resume builder is a useful tool that helps you easily assemble your work history and experience into a well-organized resume. A good resume builder enables you to create a resume that fits the job you’re going for and highlight the best aspects of your professional profile. Not many sites are objective, so here are our free resume builder reviews to help filter out the noise when you’re searching online.

  2. This is the best for all. This online resume manufacturers for making resumes that your potential bosses won’t almost certainly disregard. Above all else Vizualize.Me, Resume Builder by LinkedIn and a lot more effect on you continue.

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