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How to Capture Screen

Screen capture is the best way to create a video guide, record a game, make a video resume, etc. Icecream Screen Recorder offers a number of useful features for easy screen recording. The best thing about this program is the fact that it lets the users fully customize the output videos and screenshots. Read on to learn how to capture screen with Icecream Screen Recorder.

Screen Recorder

Download and install the application

To download Icecream Screen Recorder, click the “Download” button and save the .exe file on your computer. Then, run the file and follow Wizard’s guidelines to install the program. Typically, it takes less than a minute, and once it’s installed, just open the program and start working.


Tweak the settings

Clicking the “Settings” button in the bottom right corner of the main window will bring you to the Settings panel with a number of parameters to be configured. However, this is an optional step and you can start working without configuring the settings – it this case, the program will use the default configurations.

  • System

In this System tab, it’s possible to set the language of the interface (software supports over 45 languages), enable or disable the notifications shown by the program (“Show notifications” option) and area selection zoomer while selecting a custom recording area (“Area selection zoomer” option). Also, if you plan to include webcamera recording to your videos, select the available webcamera source of your computer (“Webcam” option).

  • Save to

Choose the default output folders for videos by clicking the folder icon to the right of the “Save video to” option. After that, all the files will be saved in this folder automatically.

Enter the right values in “Min disk space” and “Max file size” settings fields to make sure the recorded videos don't overestimate these values.

  • Video

There are several useful video options that can be customized in this Settings panel tab.

Select the output video format (WebM, MP4, AVI or MOV) and video quality (High, Medium or Low).

Decide whether or not you want to record mouse movements and highlight the mouse cursor when clicking (“Record mouse movements” and “Highlight mouse” options). If you don’t want your desktop icons to be visible during the screen capture process, check the “Hide desktop icons” box.

If you want to record a long streaming video, you’d better disable the screensaver to prevent it from interrupting the recording. You can do that by checking the “Disable screensaver” box”. Besides, it’s possible to enable and disable the countdown before capturing – simply check the corresponding box. To record all the hotkeys combinations that would be used during the video recording and show these hotkeys in the output video make sure the “Record hotkeys used” option is enabled.

To add your own custom watermark to the videos, tick the “Watermark” option. Upload the watermark image by pressing the folder icon button and select its position in the output videos (Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right or Center). Customize the transparency of the watermark by toggling the scrollbar next to the “Watermark opacity” option.

  • Audio

In the Audio tab you can enable or disable audio and microphone recording and select their volume (“Record audio” and “Record microphone” settings and their scrollbars). The “Open mixer” button opens two sound settings panel: one is for general sound settings and the other one is for mic configurations. You can select mic and audio devices from all the available on your PC at the moment devices in “Microphone device” and “Audio device” settings. Press the “REFRESH DEVICES” button for the program to start scanning your PC for the available devices to find the newly plugged or added ones.

  • Hotkeys

The program offers a number of the hotkeys for each action – leave the default ones or change them to more convenient combinations. Using hotkeys like “Rec/Pause”, “Stop”, “Cancel”, “Draw”, “Show panel”, “Switch control”, “Zoom-in”, “Zoom-out” and “Webcam” will be useful while capturing screen.

Once the settings are configured, click the “SAVE SETTINGS” button in the bottom right corner of the panel. Press the “CANCEL” button in the bottom left to cancel the changes and go back to the main window of Icecream Screen Recorder.


Prepare to capture screen of your PC

Click the “Capture video” button in the middle of the main window to start capturing the video.

Select the recording area by toggling the frame over the area of the screen that is supposed to be recorded and release once it’s selected.

It’s possible to choose the recording area of the video: custom, full screen, 960p, 720p, 1024x768p, 640x480p, 320x240p, and 160x140p. Desktop is inactive during the recording, but one can activate it by clicking the “Switch” button on the recording panel. After that, all the panels, icons, programs and buttons will be clickable again. If you checked the “Hide desktop icons” option in the Settings panel, you won't be able to use the icons though as they will be hidden.

The “Draw” button opens a special panel with different drawing instruments like a brush tool or tools like oval, rectangle, or arrow. That’s a great way to make the video more demonstrable and accentuate certain things. You can choose the color and thickness of these graphical elements just as you usually do when using standard image editors.

The program offers the ability to add text to your video. Press the “T” button on the control panel, choose font color and size as you would normally do while using a standard text editor, single click the spot where you want to type within the selected screen recording area and start typing.

The program also offer the “Step tool” feature, it offers the addition of the numbered markers to the videos. Each mouse click within the recording area will add such a marker with a number. You can reset the numeration by clicking the button marked with X on the right.

The “Undo” and “Clear all” buttons are located at the right side of the panel and help you to cancel the changes that were applied by means of Draw panel.

Click the webcamera icon to open the webcamera window, customize its size and position within the borders of the recording area.


Capture screen

Click the “Rec” icon when you are ready to start. If you‘ve checked the “Show countdown” option earlier (In the Video tab of the Settings panel), the process will be started with the countdown. All the above-mentioned icons are still available while recording, including the drawing, text, switch control, webcamera tools.

Use the 2 magnifying glass icons with “+” and “– “symbols to zoom in (up to 16 times) and zoom out the selected recording area.

To control the volume of the audio and the mic during the recording press the speaker and microphone icons on the right hand side of the recording panel to open the scrollbars to adjust the volume level of audio and mic and enable or disable the recording.

When it’s necessary to pause the recording to add some graphical changes or open new windows or programs, click the “Pause” icon. You can pause the process to open new windows, skip the commercials if you are recording a streaming video, or add drawings, steps or text. Once all the changes are applied, press “Resume” to continue from the moment the video was paused at.

When you are ready to finish the screen capture session, press the “Stop” icon. After that, the piece of video that was recorded will be saved as a new project (popup window in the bottom right corner of the screen will notify the user of session’s completion unless you turned off the “Show notifications” option). Click the folder icon in the notification window to check the project in the containing folder or simply close the control panel and open the video directly from the main window – it will be opened in the default player immediately.

All the created videos are displayed in the chart in the History window of the screen recorder. Use the recycle bin icon and “CLEAR HISTORY” button in the bottom left corner of the window to either delete a single video from the list or remove all the projects from the chart respectively.

Screen Recorder
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