How to Highlight a PDF

The PDF file format is a very common format to keep documents in. When it comes to the question of how to highlight a PDF in order to highlight text or an area to leave a comment, you will need a special PDF highlighter program. Icecream PDF Editor is a PDF editing program that offers a feature used to highlight PDF along with the ability to add the description for each highlight and select the highlight color. Removing existing highlights is also available.


Download the PDF highlighter

Download Icecream PDF Editor. Double-click the EXE file to launch the setup process, and install the program. Open the program to proceed.


Open the PDF document you want to highlight

Drag and drop the PDF document into the program's window to open it with the PDF editor. Alternatively, use the “File” menu's “Open...” option or “Open...” button in the center of the program window to browse for the file on your computer using Windows Explorer.

Open PDF file in Icecream PDF Editor

Choose the 'Highlight area' or 'Highlight text' tool

Click the “Annotate” button in the program's upper-left-hand side to switch to annotate PDF mode. There are two highlight PDF tools offered: “Highlight area” (highlight any selected area of a page) and “Highlight text” (this tool enables you to highlight PDF text only). Click the one that suits your needs best.

Select the 'Highlight area' or 'Highlight text' tool

Highlight your PDF

Select the color of the highlight (one of the default colors or add a custom color of your own) and hover the mouse cursor over the area you wish to highlight. Left-click the mouse, hold it, and move around the page to highlight the area or text. Release the mouse button once the area or text is selected. Once the PDF is highlighted, you have the option of adding a description to each annotation, which you can do from the left vertical panel.

Highlight PDF area

You can proceed to highlight another part of the document right after the previous highlight – you don't need to select the tool again.

Highlight PDF text

If you need to remove a highlight from a PDF, you need to select it and then hit the “Delete” button on your keyboard. Another way to remove a highlight in a PDF is to open the “Annotations” panel using the button on the right-hand side of the program's interface to open a list of all the annotations. Select the page number of the highlight you wish to remove, right-click it, and click the “Delete annotation” option from the newly opened context menu.

Remove a highlight from a document

This quick step-by-step guide summarizes how to highlight a PDF document. Just open the file, select either the “Highlight area” or “Highlight text” tool, and highlight the area or text you need to highlight.

author by Alexa Davis

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