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Interface. Main window

After launching the program, there will appear a loading window followed by the main window of the program. After that, it will be switched to a working area of the program with its logo and the “Add image to resize” control – click on it to start working. Once the images are successfully added, the main window will be split into two sections: File Queue on the left and Settings on the right (read more in “Resizing queue” and “Resizing settings” sections of this manual).


Read on to learn more about the main controls of Icecream Image Resizer.

“Add image” button - opens Windows explorer for choosing images of the supported extensions for adding them in the working area of the program. Press and hold Shift or Ctrl keys to choose several files at a time.

“Add folder” button - opens the explorer which allows to choose a folder with images for posterior resizing.

“” button - opens website in default browser.

“Last file/Open folder” button - opens a folder that contains the last resized image.

“Help” button - brings users to the latest version of Icecream Image Resizer manual on website in default browser.

“Settings” button - opens the “Settings” panel.

Download Manual as PDF
Icecream Image Resizer