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Interface. Working area of the program

After adding the first file for resizing, program’s main window transforms into the working area. It’s divided into two sections: file queue on the left and resizing settings on the right. There is a “Clear queue” button in the bottom left corner of the window – click on it to delete all the files from the queue (read more about it in the “Resizing queue” paragraph of the manual).

The settings section of the window consists of several subsections where a user can choose a preset resizing profile or configure the necessary settings manually and choose the output location. There is a “Result size” indicator in the same section – it shows you how much lighter (or heavier) the output file would be as compared to the original one if it will be processed according to the chosen configurations. Learn more about it in the “Resizing settings” section.

In the lower left corner there is the “Resize” button, single-click on which would the resizing process of added images according to the preset configurations.

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Icecream Image Resizer