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Start resizing. Process indication

Progress bar

A progress bar will appear in the lower part of the program's window immediately after clicking on the “Resize” button. It estimates the process of resizing and indicates its percentage. While working with several files, progress bar would evaluate the process for all these files and not for a single one.

Position in the queue

A numerical equivalent of the progress is located to the left of the progress bar. This data is presented as “N out of M is being resized” message, where N stands for a sequence number of a currently processed file and M stands for a total number of files in the queue.

Resizing speed

Resizing speed information is displayed on the right side above the progress bar. Speed may vary depending on different factors, such as technical characteristics of the computer or other processes running on it. The more the computer meets system requirements, the higher the resizing speed is.

Elapsed time

Elapsed time data is displayed on the left side under the progress bar. Time is tracked from the moment the “Resize” button was pressed. Note that when files are converted in a bulk, the time tracking starts from the resizing of the very first file in the queue.

Remaining time

Remaining time is displayed next to the “Elapsed Time” indicator and shows an estimated time until the end of the process. If several files are queued, remaining time would be equal to an estimated time of completing the conversion of the last file in the queue. Remaining time may change during the resizing depending on other processes running on the computer.

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