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Interface. Resizing queue

IceСream Image Resizer allows resizing several images simultaneously. To do that, add all the files to form a queue and apply the desired resizing settings. This feature is very useful for processing multiple files at a time.

The queue is created automatically as new files are added. Just press on the “Add image” or “Add folder” in the main window, choose the necessary images and press “Open”. Import multiple files at a time by importing a folder with several images in it. Finally, drag and drop all the files into the working area.

After that, all these files will appear in the left part of the working area. There is a total amount of files above the queue (“Total images”). The queue is displayed as a chart with several columns that contain the following information: image thumbnail, file name, format, parameters and size. Clicking on a trash bin icon in front of a file allows you to delete this file from the queue. The “Clear Queue” button in the bottom left helps deleting all the files from the queue and brings you back to the main window of Icecream Image Resizer.

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