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Overview. Program’s features

Bulk resizing

The program supports bulk resizing, which means a user can process several images at a time according to the presets. This feature can save a lot of time because in this case there is no need to set the parameters for each image individually. Input files in the queue can have different extensions and sizes. The program resizes files according to their positions in the queue. User can pause, cancel or resume the process at any moment.

Drag&Drop support

Icecream Image Resizer supports drag&drop – an intuitive and comprehensible way of adding files. Just drag and drop the desired files or folders into the main window of the program and they will display in a corresponding area of the resizer.

Preset configurations

The program offers several presets for different types of tasks, such as sending images by email, creating avatars or working with HD photos. Oftentimes, users don’t know which exact size will be suitable for their specific situation. Choosing preset parameters, they don’t have to configure these settings manually.

Keeping original aspect ratio

When resizing an image, it’s very important to keep an original aspect ratio. Otherwise, the image can become stretched and distorted. To avoid this, Icecream Image Resizer offers a special “Keep original aspect ratio” option to save the original proportions.

Vertical images recognition

Vertical images recognition” function allows applying reverse settings “Width” and “Height” for vertical images. For example, if the settings for output files are 1024x768, then resized horizontal images would have 1024x768 size and the vertical ones – 768x1024.

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