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Best Online PDF EditorThe PDF has been around for a quarter of a century, but still users flock to the file format because of its sheer usability. In a cross-platform, multi-device environment, PDFs are a fantastic way to view documents because they present content in exactly the same way across any device and any platform. While they are amazing for sharing, editing PDF files can be trickier and sometimes expensive.
Leading premium PDF creation and editing tools charge a premium for their features. The reason for this is Adobe, the company that created the PDF format and still owns much of the underlying tech. Companies who want to create PDF editors must license this technology from Adobe for a fee, which of course customers end up paying.
However, that’s not always the case. Free online PDF editors have become increasingly functional in recent years and are a welcome alternative for users. No longer do we need to pay to edit PDF and no longer do we need to download a program. The advantages of an online PDF editor include being able to edit a document on the fly, without a PC, through a web app.

While a quick internet search may turn up loads of free online PDF editors, surprisingly only a handful are good enough to meet high standards. We have rounded up the best free online PDF tools based on the quality of their features, ease of use, and editing tools.

1. PDFescape

PDFescape best free online PDF editorPDFescape is an online PDF editor that also has a downloadable desktop application. Just like our number two choice, ApowerPDF, the desktop version only has a free trial, whereas the online tool is fully featured and free to use.
It is a robust tool to edit PDF online. While we could argue that PDFescape does not look as modern as some of its rivals, we are huge fans of its interface. That’s because we like seeing a page view map as a default interface tool, and on this service there is one available. Familiar features such as text and image integration, geometric shapes, whiteout abilities, and more are all on board.
During our test, we loved the ability to select an image on a PC and then manually create a rectangle anywhere on the PDF to insert it. This is an intuitive way of placing images and creating more dynamic documents, and it can also be used for text insertion.
Because of the ability, PDFescape is a fantastic choice for creating forms with text blocks and logos. That said, it can be frustrating to ensure the image file size is small enough to be inserted in the PDF.
Our Rating: 10 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Easy management of images and text
  • Page view UI element available as default
  • Good for form creation
  • Create new PDFs
  • Ability to add media
  • Interface may not appeal to all
  • Image insertion can be frustrating

2. ApowerPDF

ApowerPDFOne of our favorite online tools to edit PDF is ApowerPDF, a service that is available directly on the web and via a desktop application. When you head to the homepage, you are greeted by ‘Launch Online’ and ‘Download Desktop’ options. ApowerPDF is one of those rare services where its online version is better than the desktop program.
The main reason for that is the desktop version is too restrictive and is only a trial. Online PDF editor ApowerPDF is open with no such limitations. There’s still an installation for the web launcher app, which will open in a separate window. Users can create a new PDF, which is usually reserved for premium services.
In terms of editing, ApowerPDF has loads of functionality with features like text formatting, image uploads, document encrypting through passwords, and PDF file conversion. The web app was also one of the easiest online PDF editors to manage due to its neat UI and interface. One very minor downside is the online version lacks a tool to remove watermarks from documents.
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Rich features for online version
  • Ability to create new PDFs
  • Strong editing suite
  • No watermark removing functionality
  • Still has an installer (launcher)

3. Sejda

SejdaSejda is a robust free online PDF editor that features many tools for tweaking and perfecting documents on the web. The website presents newcomers with a choice between creating from a blank document and uploading an existing PDF from a PC.
PDF editing tools, such as adding text, signing documents, annotations, preformed shapes, and images, are located in a neat and tabbed menu at the top of the document. The ‘Whiteout’ option is interesting as it covers over the content so you can create areas that hide information.
Sharing is also easy. When you are finished editing the PDF, just click ‘Apply Changes’ to see a menu of sharing options for cloud storage, or the ability to download to your PC. The major caveat with Sejda is that it has a time limit in which users can complete their PDF. For a new document it is 5 hours and for uploaded PDFs it is 3 hours.
Once the time elapses, the document is deleted, so make sure you save your work regularly. Admittedly, the time limit is very generous, but it may not be enough for some pro PDF creators.
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • No download
  • It is easy to access features
  • Whiteout feature
  • Create new PDFs
  • Time limit for use

4. PDFzorro

Simple and effective, PDFzorro is a fantastic online PDF editor that is a good start for beginners but also offers plenty for experienced users. It is starter friendly thanks to a simple homepage that allows users to easily upload a PDF or open one directly from a URL. Unfortunately, there is no option to create a new document from scratch.
For beginners, the PDFzorro interface should be appealing because it allows PDF editing on a page-per-page basis. Instead of showing the whole document (which could be hundreds of pages), the web app allows you to select a specific page to start editing. All pages are presented in a viewer on the side of the app – something we always appreciate as it makes navigation easier.
Once the page is loaded, there are several standard PDF editing tools, such as the ability to insert text and lines and a nifty feature that lets you draw directly on the page. There are some important tools missing, particularly the ability to insert ellipses and images, which will certainly limit some pro users.
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy editing for one page at a time
  • Fast performance
  • No ability to create new PDF files
  • Lacking some important features

5. PDF Pro

PDF ProLike PDFzorro, PDF Pro has a very easy-to-understand homepage that gives users the ability to upload or drag and drop a document for editing. In fact, it is possible to then upload more documents as this free online PDF editor has a rudimentary file sorting function. In this area you can create a new PDF or select one of your uploaded files.
When the chosen PDF is loaded, this service to edit PDF online provides a menu that allows editing, conversion from other documents, rotating, cutting, and more options. Jumping between these menus is generally slow, but they provide some powerful tools. Behind the editing tab, functions such as text integration, image placement, signing, and text formatting are available.
We are not sure specifically what it is, but PDF Pro just seems less intuitive than others on this list. The app is certainly laid out fine, but it has a rather basic look that appears too uniform across the page. Still, it is hardly a complicated interface and some users may be completely fine and wonder what we’re talking about.
Our Rating: 8 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Create new PDFs
  • Feature-rich experience
  • Something lacking in the UI and interface
  • Slow performance

Each free online PDF editor on the list is an excellent choice, providing strong editing tools, while most will even let you create new documents. However, if you’re looking for a way to edit the text of the PDF files, you might need to convert PDF to Word online for a higher convenience. With an online tool that you can use to edit PDF, you can share directly on the web and avoid downloading a program to your desktop. That said, there is certainly still a place for premium desktop PDF editors, not least because they often boast more professional-grade features. However, for most users, a free online PDF editor is a wonderful alternative the next time a document needs to be tweaked.

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