How to Merge Videos

Sometimes, we need to merge videos in order to create a single file. Obviously, a video editor or video merger is needed to complete such a task. Icecream Video Editor is a perfect candidate for this. Learn how to combine videos with our free software by studying the full guide with the screenshots right below. The whole process is very easy and only takes a couple of steps.


Download and install the video merger

Download Icecream Video Editor and install it on your computer. Follow the steps of the setup wizard to complete the setup process. Launch the program to proceed to combining videos.


Add the videos for merging to the timeline

First, you need to add the videos into program's Media Library. The most effortless way is to drag and drop the videos into the program window. Another option is by using the “+Add files” button.

Add videos to Icecream Video Editor

Then, use the drag and drop mechanism again to add your videos to the timeline at the bottom of the video merger to create scenes. Alternatively, right-click a video and select the “Add file to timeline” option from the opened context menu.

Addition of videos to timeline

Arrange the videos in the required order

When you export the video, scenes in the output video will appear in the same order as in the timeline. Thus, you need to use the drag and drop mechanism to rearrange the scenes on the timeline in your required order.

Press the “PLUS” icon between the merged video scenes to add a transition effect to make it look more professional.

Arrange videos on timeline

Note: You can always preview the result in the video player in the right-hand side of the video joiner's window. If the result is satisfactory, then you're ready to merge videos into one video file.


Save your combined video clip

Click the “Export video” button in the upper right-hand corner of the program.

Merge videos

Apply a new filename for the created video and specify the output folder, video format, resolution, and quality. Click the “Export” button to combine video clips using Icecream Video Editor.

Export combined video

The program will notify you when the file is ready. You will have the option to open the containing folder or upload the video to YouTube, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Video sharing options
author by Alexa Davis

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