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PDF merge. File queue

Once the first file is added for subsequent merging, a user will see the “Queue” section that looks like a table in the upper part of the “Merge” window. Note that the queue can be formed with a single document, but in this case no merging can be possibly performed. For successful merging, add at least 2 PDF files to this queue.

In the queue table there is the following data: sequence number of a file in the queue, file name, number of pages, password information, “Preview” button and “Remove from queue” button.

File position in the queue

There is a sequence number of each item in the leftmost column of the table. All the added files will be queued one after another. Move them to change their position in the queue – to do that, highlight the file to be moved and use the “up” and “down” buttons located to the right of the queue table. As an alternative, drag and drop the file to a desired place in the queue. Note that the sequence of the rest of files in the queue remains unchanged as a certain file is being moved.

Number of pages

The number of pages for each document in the queue is displayed in a corresponding column of the queue table. The only exceptions are password protected files – their number of pages will be available to see only after entering a valid password to each one of them. Until then, there is a question mark in the “Pages” column of the chart.


The “Password” column for working with encrypted files is located to the right of the “Pages” column in the queue chart. If an added document isn’t password protected, this column would have an “OK” value. In case a password protected PDF document is added, there would be a clickable “Enter password” message in the “Password” column. Click on it to open a dialog window with password box where the password for selected file should be entered. It is also possible to enter a password after starting the merging process, but in this case the total number of pages would be calculated inaccurately: particularly, the program would calculate a total number of pages excluding those of password protected files. If a user chooses to insert password while merging, he or she will be asked to insert it after you press “Merge” button. If a password is not entered, the program would ignore this document while merging


When all the files are added and passwords specified (if necessary), it is possible preview the document by clicking on the “Preview” button that looks like a magnifier glass icon. Use a scrollbar to scroll down and view the entire document.

Delete files from the queue

To delete a certain file from the queue, press a trash bin icon in front of a chosen file. After that, the sequence of the rest of queued files will remain unchanged.

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