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Interface. Main window

After launching the program, there will be a loading window followed by the main window of the program. Since the application offers two ways of working with PDF documents, a user is supposed to choose between the “Split” or “Merge” options prior to importing files. The program has a number of main controls available for both “Split” and “Merge” panels regardless of the chosen option.


“Split” button - opens the “Split” panel where a user can add a file for a posterior splitting.

“Merge” button - brings a user to the “Merge” panel where it is possible to add files for a subsequent merging them into a single PDF document.

“” button - opens website in a default browser.

“Last split/Open folder” button opens the folder that contains the last split documents.

“Last merge/Open folder” button - opens a folder with the last successfully merged files highlighted.

“Help” button opens the latest version of Icecream PDF Split & Merge manual on website in default browser.

“Settings” button opens the “Settings” panel.

Download Manual as PDF
Icecream PDF Split & Merge