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Interface. Split panel

Splitting of PDF documents is proceeded in the “Split” panel. For successful splitting, add a new file into the preview area and choose one 4 suggested types of splitting.

File preview area

In this part of the panel a user can see the basic information about the added file (file name, path and the number of pages) and also an “Enter password” option that allows opening the windows for entering passwords for password protected files. In here, a user can also preview the documents or delete them from the panel. Learn more about it in the “Add file” section of the manual.

Split type area

Icecream PDF Split & Merge offers 4 different types of splitting, such as splitting into files of 1 page, splitting by groups of pages, getting rid of certain pages, and splitting by page ranges. You can read more about the types of splitting in the “Choose split type” section of this manual.

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