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PDF split. Choosing file

Add file

There are two ways of adding a file to program’s preview area: via Windows explorer and by drag&drop. To open the explorer, just click on the “Add file” button in the middle of the preview zone. For higher convenience the explorer only displays PDF files. Once the desired file is found and chosen, simply click the “Open” button and selected file will be displayed in the preview area.

Alternatively, just drag and drop the needed file into the program’s window and it will be immediately displayed in the preview area.


When the file is added in the preview area, some related information, such as file name, path, total number of pages, and a thumbnail of the first page of the document will be shown.

File preview

There is a “Preview” button in the bottom right corner of the preview area. Click on it to open a preview window for an added document. Use a scrollbar to view all the pages in the document.

Working with password protected files

Icecream PDF Split & Merge allows to work with password protected files. It’s possible to not only split such files but also to add them to a merge queue. You can read more about it in the “Password” paragraph of the “File queue” section. When adding a password protected file, only its name and path is displayed while the rest of the information is unavailable. Click on “Enter password” to open a dialog window for entering a password. Make sure that the necessary keyboard layout registry is activated and Caps Lock is off prior to entering a password. If the specified password was wrong, the program would show a corresponding message and bring a user back to the initial preview area. If the entered password is valid, full file data described in the “Preview” section of Choosing file part of this manual will we shown.

Canceling file choice

The “Delete” button is located to the right of the “Preview” button. Click on it to delete the added file from the preview zone.

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