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Overview. Program’s features

Splitting into files of 1 page

Icecream PDF Split & Merge allows splitting any PDF document into single pages, each of which will be saved as an isolated file.

Splitting by groups of pages

The program offers a special option that helps splitting a document into several groups of pages starting from a specified page. Simply enter the number of page that needed to be set as a starting point for splitting and also specify a desired number of pages in each group. For example, if you want to split a document by groups of 3 pages starting from page 4, the output files would come as follows: 1st file that contains pages 4, 5 and 6, 2nd file that contains pages 7, 8, and 9, etc.

Getting rid of certain pages

Icecream PDF Split & Merge supports the option of getting rid of certain pages according to their numbers. It is able to delete several pages regardless of their position in the original document.

Splitting by page ranges

Unlike the splitting by groups of pages option, this way of splitting PDF documents doesn’t have any splitting range limitations. Choosing this option, a user can set any desired ranges regardless of the number of pages in the range and whether or not they are overlapping one another. Just is specify the first and the last pages of a desired range.

PDF merge

The program allows merging several documents into a single one. There are no limitations and you can merge as many documents as you want.

Drag&Drop support

Use drag&drop to make the process of splitting and merging easier and quicker. Doing so, a user avoids time consuming file search via Windows explorer – just drag and drop the desired files directly into the working area of the program and start modifying them.

Working with password protected files

Icecream PDF Split & Merge allows users to work with password protected documents. Split such documents or add them to a merge queue without any limitations. For successful work with this type of documents, enter a valid password after importing them to the program. If the password is invalid or not inserted, it will not be possible to modify these documents.

File preview

Each file added for splitting or merging can be opened in a separate preview window. The only exception is encrypted files for which a password hasn’t been entered yet.

Convenient file naming

The program offers 4 types of splitting operations, and each one has its own type of file naming. If the “Splitting files of 1 page” option is chosen, the program would name the new files according to their page numbers: filename_pN, where N stands for the number of page in the original document. In case a document is split by groups of pages, the output file would be named as “filename_pN-M, where N and M stand for the first and the last pages of the range. If a user is getting rid of certain pages, the program would create an output file with the name name_edited_year_month_day_h_m_s. Thus, the output files created by Icecream PDF Split & Merge can be easily found.

Choosing output location

The program offers 3 output location options:

Sub folder. The program will create a sub folder in a folder that contains the original document and use this subfolder to save the output files in it.

Original folder. All new files will be saved in a folder that contains the original document.

Select folder. Choosing this option, it is possible to either save an output document into an existing folder on the computer or create a sub folder.

You can learn more about a sub folder choice option in the “Save to” paragraph of the “Program settings” section.

Managing the queue while merging files

When the “Merge” option is chosen, all the files that are added for a merge make up a correctable queue. For example, it is possible to delete certain files from the queue and move them up or down to change their positions in the queue.

Quick merge of freshly split files

On the completion of a PDF splitting task, there will be a report window with 3 buttons including one that offers you to “merge results”. By pressing this button, all the previously split files are automatically added to a new merge queue.

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