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Screenshot Mode. Control panel elements for taking screenshots


Once the area is framed, click the “Screenshot” button in the upper left corner of the control panel. After that, a “Screenshot saved!” informer will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen – it contains the output file’s resolution, path, and size information. Clicking the folder icon will bring a user to the containing folder with a focus on this exact screenshot. Select a folder to which all the created screenshots will be saved by default through the Save to tab of the Settings panel of Icecream Screen Recorder.


This button lets saving the screenshot to the computer's clipboard and then paste it whenever wanted.


Icecream Screen Recorder supports saving the screenshots as URLs. To do that, simply press the “URL” button, and the screenshot will be immediately saved as a link that can be copied and shared. The image will be uploaded to Icecream Apps server and the created screenshot can be shared by simple sharing the link to it.


Clicking this button will make the desktop active so that a user can use all the icons, panels and tabs of the computer in a regular mode.


This button is for adjusting the size of the frame of the screenshot. Read more about adjusting the area in Select screenshot area section of this manual.


Draw panel of the Screenshot mode features the same tools that were described in the Capture video mode: drawing tools and text tool can be turned to in order to complete the screenshots with graphics. All tools of 'Draw' panel are described in Draw Panel section of this manual.

Note that the hotkeys can be used for most of these controls while working. It's possible to change the hotkey combinations in the Hotkeys tab of the Settings panel.

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