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History. Table view

All the screenshots and recordings are saved in the history log that can be seen as a chart in the main window. The chart contains basic information about the files:

Type of file

This data is displayed as an icon on the left of a filename. The “Play” icon stands for the video while a camera one means that a file is a screenshot.


Filename contains a date and time of file’s creation for user's convenience.

URL is given for the screenshots saved to URL (to Icecream Apps servers).


In this column, the file’s size is being displayed.


This column only displays numerical values for videos in hh:mm:ss format. In case a file is a screenshot, the column will have the “-“ value.


Each file is assigned with the resolution value which is the same with the recording area size used, be it a video, a screenshot, or a URL.


Clicking the folder icon opens the folder containing the recording file for the file with the focus on it. In case the file is an URL, the link icon will be seen in the “Path” column.


There is a recycle bin icon for each entry in the last column of the History table. Click this icon to delete this particular entry from the list. Note: file will not be deleted from the PC and the uploaded by URL screenshot will not be deleted from the Icecream Apps server as well.

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