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Capture Video Mode. Select recording area

Icecream Screen Recorder offers 5 modes of the recording – custom area, fullscreen, last area, area auto detection and around mouse. When hovering the mouse over the “Capture video” button, the drop down list with available modes of area selection appears. When clicking the button – the custom area selection mode is selected by default.

Select custom area

After clicking the “Capture video” button in the main window, a user can select an area of the screen to be captured. To do that, toggle the frame over the screen and release it once it frames the desired zone. The resolution of the area will be seen as a little tag in the upper left corner of the frame, where “H” stands for height and “W” stands for width. After releasing the cursor, the frame will be fixed, but its size can still be changed in case it appeared to be too large or too small – it can be either stretched manually by pressing and holding the markers on the frame or by choosing one of the preset profiles that will be available on the control panel displayed near the frame. Particularly, such profiles as “Custom”, “Full screen”, “720p”, “1024x768p”, “640x480p”, “320x240p”, or “160x140p” can be selected. By choosing the “Custom” profile, a user can enter the desired values for width and height manually. It is also possible to customize the size of the selected area with Up and Down keys of the keyboard. The selected frame can be moved around the desktop – just click it, hold and drag the mouse to relocate the frame, and release once it's in the right place.

Select Fullscreen mode

Select this mode to capture the whole screen area. If there are multiple monitors available then it will be possible to choose among the list of available screens.

Select Last area mode

This mode helps to select the same area for the screen capture that was last used by the user.

Select Area auto detection mode

This mode helps automatically detect the recording area. Select this mode and hover the mouse over a window to select the whole window or detached blocks (frames, banners, widgets, etc.). To apply the selection of the area click the F1 button or the orange logo of the program that is displayed next to the borders in the upper left corner of the recording area. Press ESC to cancel auto detection and return to the program's main screen.

Select Around mouse mode

This recording mode lets choosing a region of a certain size that will be recorded around the mouse cursor being moved by user over the desktop. You can choose one of the default size presets. This mode of area selection can be only applied during the screen capture. Please note that no control panel is available in this mode. Recording can be stopped with hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+S by default) or through program's icon in Windows tray.

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